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On the Rocks: Earth Science for Everyone

On the Rocks: Earth Science for Everyone

ISBN: 978-0-471-13234-9

Mar 1996

280 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Explore the fundamental forces of nature in this lively, engrossing panorama of earth and planetary science. Professor John S. Dickey takes you on a tour that begins with the stardust that formed the Earth and ends on the outer reaches of the galaxy. Along the way you'll read about the changes, both gradual and cataclysmic, that shape the Earth, about the lives of scientists and their discoveries, and a great deal about the nature of science itself. As enjoyable to read as it is informative, On the Rocks will change forever the way you understand the physical world that supports us all.

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Gathering Stardust.

Atoms, Crystals, and Rocks.

Hot Enough to Melt.

From Mud to Metamorphism.

Older than the Hills.

Folding, Faulting, and Floating.

On Trembling Ground in an Ambivalent Field.

How Continents Move.

Ores, Energy, Radwaste, and Water.


Neighbors Near the Sun.

Worlds More Distant and Strange.