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One-Minute Discipline: Classroom Management Strategies That Work

One-Minute Discipline: Classroom Management Strategies That Work

Arnie Bianco

ISBN: 978-1-118-97953-2

May 2014

272 pages



For classroom teachers at all levels, here is a unique collection of practical, proven-effective techniques and ready-to-use tools for managing classroom behavior and creating the positive environment that students and teachers need to promote learning.

Each classroom-tested strategy is presented in a simple-to-use format for quick reference that shows: What the technique or idea is, Why you need it, and How to make it work. Plus, the techniques are complemented by support ideas, time-saving reproducible forms, lively illustrations, and interesting, reproducible quote about teaching.

For easy to use, it s all printed in a big, 8-1/2"" x 11"" lay-flat format for easy photocopying and its organized into 10 sections:
  • PHILOSOPHY provides a philosophical framework for the strategies presented in the book, such as ""The Three C s of Teaching.""
  • KNOW YOU ""CLIENTS"" features activities and surveys, including ""Icebreaker: Backpack Introductions"" and the ""student Survey,"" to help you learn about your students and their needs.
  • HOME AND SCHOOL gives you support ideas and reproducible forms for improving the home school connection, such as ""Newsletters"" and ""Parent Homework Letter.""
  • THE FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL offers tops and ready-to-use tools for getting the school year off to a positive start, including ""Classroom Rules Checklist"" and ""Classroom Welcome Sign.""
  • VOCABULARY presents effective techniques for modifying student behavior, such as ""Grandma s Law,"" which motivates students with a payoff (""desert"") for completing a task.
  • TECHNIQUE, STRATEGIES, AND GOOD IDEAS is packed with easy-to-use ideas, including ""Noise Level Control"" and ""One-Minute Correction,"" for solving discipline problems.
  • TEACHING SKILLS provides practical procedures that enhance your teaching and decrease disruptive behavior, such as ""Transition Time"" to reduce the time spent between activities and a ""Teacher Self-Assessment"" to help you evaluate and improve your teaching techniques.
  • GREAT ""LITTLE GEMS"" offers a variety of helpful discipline and teaching strategies. For example, ""Token Economies"" shows you how to use a pint system to reward good behavior.
  • SURVIVAL SKILLS gives you invaluable ideas for conserving energy and relieving stress, such as ""Crisis Management"" and the ""24-Hour Rule"" for handling difficult situations.
  • FORMS features time-saving, reproducible forms, including ""Substitute Teacher Form,"" ""Office Discipline Ticket,"" and ""Student/Teacher/Parent Action Contract.""
In short, One-Minute Discipline is a practical guide providing effective, easy-to-implement approaches to the many classroom management and discipline challenges that teaches face every day.

About This Teacher's Resource v

Section 1 Philosophy 1

Section 2 Know Your ""Clients"" 17

Section 3 Home and School 57

Section 4 The First Week of School 75

Section 5 Vocabulary 93

Section 6 Techniques, Strategies, and Good Ideas 105

Section 7 Teaching Skills 147

Section 8 Great ""Little Gems"" 189

Section 9 Survival Skills 207

Section 10 Forms 225

Appendix 245

Bibliography 251

""This book is positive, funny and full of ideas."" (Arizona Daily Star, 2/2/03)