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One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership



One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership

Mike Figliuolo

ISBN: 978-1-118-04959-4 October 2011 Jossey-Bass 256 Pages

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A robust, authentic model for creating and clearly articulating a personal leadership philosophy

Based on leadership expert Mike Figliuolo's popular "Leadership Maxims" training course, One Piece of Paper teaches decisive, effective leadership by taking a holistic approach to defining one's personal leadership philosophy. Through a series of simple questions, readers will create a living document that communicates their values, passions, goals and standards to others, maximizing their leadership potential.

  • Outlines a clear approach for identifying a concise and meaningful set of personal leadership maxims by which leaders can live their lives
  • Explains and applies four basic aspects of leadership: leading yourself, leading the thinking, leading your people, and leading a balanced life
  • Generates a foundational document that serves as a touchstone for leaders and their teams

Simple, applicable, and without pretense, One Piece of Paper provides a model for real leadership in the real world.

Part One The Leadership Maxims Approach

 1 Understanding the Leadership Maxims Approach 3

 2 On Buzzwords 15

Part Two Leading Yourself

 3 Learning to Lead Yourself 25

 4 Why Do You Get Out of Bed Every Day? 33

 5 How Will You Shape Your Future? 41

 6 What Guidelines Do You Live By? 51

 7 When You Fall Down, How Do You Pick Yourself Back Up? 61

 8 How Do You Hold Yourself Accountable? 71

Part Three Leading the Thinking

 9 Becoming a Thought Leader 83

10 What Standards Do You Hold Your Team To? 89

11 Where Are You Taking Your People? 99

12 How Will You Foresee the Future? 111

13 After All That Thinking, How Will You Drive Action? 119

Part Four Leading Your People

14 What It Means to Lead Your People 131

15 What Is Your Natural Style? 137

16 How Will You Remember to Treat Your Team Members as Individuals? 147

17 How Will You Stay Connected to Your Team’s Reality? 157

18 How Will You Commit to Your People’s Growth? 167

Part Five Leading a Balanced Life

19 Defining Balance 179

20 How Will You Define Your Boundaries? 185

21 How Will You Keep Things in Perspective? 193

22 What Are You Passionate About? 201

Part Six Making It Real

23 Living Your Maxims 211

24 Sharing 217

Acknowledgments 223

Appendix A: The Author’s Maxims 229

Appendix B: Your Maxims 231

About the Author 233

Index 235

"Devoid of the normal leadership philosophy B.S., One Piece of Paper is a simple yet profound guide for defining who you are and what you want to be as a leader. Read this book and write your own leadership maxims-it will make you a better leader and it may change your life!"
—Roland Smith, president and CEO, Wendy's / Arby's Group

"One Piece of Paper elegantly tackles the complex topic of leadership and makes it real, practical, and powerful for leaders in all walks of life. Leadership is about relationships. The approach explained in this book will help you build a strong foundation for the relationships you have with your team."
—Mike Krzyzewski, head coach, Duke University

"In One Piece of Paper, Mike Figliuolo brushes aside the buzzwords and offers a clear path to becoming a truly authentic leader. If you want your team to work both harder and smarter—not just because you're the boss, but because you're a trusted ally—buy this book."
—Keith Ferrazzi, author, Who's Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

"Because Mike Figliuolo is a leader himself, he truly understands the challenges leaders face in the real business world. His guidance and advice are practical, and in One Piece of Paper he zeroes in on the skills leaders need to compete effectively in today's global environment."
—Gail Leiber, director, Global Learning & Development Consulting Practice, Abbott Laboratories

"With professional ease, Mike joins with his reader through the building of leadership maxims, with a promise of collection into ‘one piece of paper’ at the end. The book feels like a conversation between two old friends, one of them being you."
—John Galvin, General, U.S. Army, Retired and Former Supreme Allied Commander Europe

"With his unique insights from decades of experience as a combat arms officer, management consultant, Fortune 500 executive, and entrepreneur, Mike Figliuolo has hit the mark with a must-read for leaders at all levels who want to radically improve their effectiveness."
—The Honorable David McCormick, Under Secretary of the U.S Treasury (2007-2009)

"Once I began it, I could not put Mike's book down as I learned how to learn about myself. Beginning with establishing an honest, personal introspective foundation, One Piece of Paper provides a hands-on, actionable guide to credible, effective leadership."
—Jack Partridge, president, Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.

"Dynamic leaders at all levels will benefit from Mike Figliuolo's experience and powerful approach. If you are ready to take ownership of defining your authentic style of leadership, then One Piece of Paper is the place to begin."
—Kim Gravell, vice president, Strategy Management, Cardinal Health

"One Piece of Paper is exceptionally framed, forward-thinking, and thought provoking. Mike Figliuolo provides key leadership insights and perspectives that are real. This book represents concise, practical, and effective thinking on leadership, and plainly said, this approach works."
—Darcie Zeliesko, group leader, Heinz North America

"Mike Figliuolo's maxims approach to leadership provides a simple yet profound template for developing the kind of synergy, trust, and confidence essential for successful organizations."
—Robert F. Foley, Lieutenant General, U.S. Army, Retired