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Online Fundraising Essentials, 2nd Edition

Online Fundraising Essentials, 2nd Edition

Scott C. Stevenson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-70380-9

Apr 2013, Jossey-Bass

49 pages


Originally published by Stevenson, Inc., this practical resource provides nonprofit organizations and professionals with strategies for generating more online contributions and leveraging websites for fundraising. It is filled with ways to engage visitors, communicate with donors, and add  interactivity, revenue-generating online events and funding opportunities to an organization’s website.  

Important topics covered include:

  • Integrating fundraising into websites
  • Social media
  • Building lists
  • Online tools
  • Online donor engagement
  • Blogs
  • Online events
  • Online surveys
  • Online giving
  • Attracting prospective donors
  • Community building

Please note that some content featured in the original version of this title has been removed in this published version due to permissions issues.