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Online Investing on the Australian Sharemarket, 4th Edition



Online Investing on the Australian Sharemarket, 4th Edition

Roger Kinsky

ISBN: 978-1-118-60656-8 October 2013 Wrightbooks 280 Pages


How to trade and invest online, from bestselling investing author Roger Kinsky

With the wide availability of market data and the low cost of online trading, millions of people are taking control of their own future and investing their savings online. The Internet allows small investors to manage their portfolios, set up their own superannuation funds, and research and trade shares all from the comfort of a home office. But there are always risks to investing and without the knowledge of a traditional stockbroker or investment manager to help them steer clear of bad deals, investors need guidance to successfully navigate the abundance of information available to them. This new Fourth Edition of Online Investing on the Australian Sharemarket is a complete and comprehensive guide to researching stocks and trading shares, demystifying the complexities and explaining confusing investment jargon along the way. You'll discover how to find the best online broker, setup your account, place orders, analyse the market, and monitor and improve your portfolio's performance.

  • The ideal guide for beginner and intermediate level investors who want to learn to invest wisely and profitably
  • Written by an active trader and bestselling author of Teach Yourself About Shares, Shares Made Simple, and Charting Made Simple
  • Covers all the basics of online investing, including how to set up an account, research shares, and make profitable trades
  • Updated to include all the latest information setting up a self-managed superannuation fund, forex trading, and mobile technologies

For Australians who want to take control of their investment portfolios, Online Investing on the Australian Sharemarket is the perfect beginner's guide.

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1 Using the internet for share investing 1

2 Online share investing resources 32

3 Useful websites 49

4 Choosing an online broker 76

5 Becoming an online investor 98

6 Online planning and monitoring 127

7 Trading shares online 151

8 Online fundamental analysis 196

9 Online charting 226

10 Online indices 267

11 Managing online investing risks 297

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