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Only Dissect: Rudolf Klein on Politics and Society

Only Dissect: Rudolf Klein on Politics and Society

Patricia Day (Editor), Rudolf Klein

ISBN: 978-1-577-18132-3 January 1997 Wiley-Blackwell 480 Pages


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This unique collection of the writings of Rudolf Klein - historian, journalist, political scientist and policy analyst - represents the products of his career as an observer of politics and society over the last four decades.


Part I. Spectator Sports.

1. The Gargoyle Theatre.

2. London Opera.

3. A View from the Terrace.

4. Chelsea Knock Down Ambitious Arsenal.

5. Television.

6. Soccer and Society.

7. Chelsea Cover Up Their Weak Spots.

8. Left, Right & Other Stereotypes.

9. Ministering to Britain.

10. Crumbling the Barricades.

11. Orthodox Unconventionality.

12. Inequality and Politics..

Part II. Government Observed.

13. Shame and Prejudice.

14. The £6,000,000,000 Question.

15. Egoists of the World.

16. Planners Who Leap into the Dark.

17. Callaghan’s Dilemma: to Tax or Not to Tax.

18. New Deal for Incomes.

19. Labour Moves Closer to Tories on Welfare.

20. What is Wrong With Housing.

21. Jay as Wilson’s Secret Weapon.

22. A Man for All Classes.

23. Controlling THEM.

24. You Won’t Read This ….

25. Curbing Whitehall.

26. Saving Labour’s First-born.

27. The Message is McLuhan.

28. The Doers and the Done-to.

29. Masters Into Managers.

30. Participation v. Efficiency.

31. Barbara’s Strike Cure.

32. How to Live with Cannabis.

33. Who Should Run Our Schools?.

34. What is the Difference?.

35. The Wilson Era..

Part III. From Public to Social Policy.

36. The Management of Britain.

37. Growth and Its Enemies.

38. The Stalemate Society.

39. The Politics of Public Expenditure: American Theory and British Practice.

40. Universities in the Market Place.

41. The Welfare State: A Self-Inflicted Crisis?.

42. The Social Policy Man: Priest or Pragmatist?.

43. Edwin Chadwick 1800-90.

44. O’Goffe’s Tale, Or, What Can We Learn From the Success of the Capitalist Welfare States?.

Part IV. The Politics of Health Care.

45. N.H.S Reorganisation: the Politics of the Second Best.

46. Ideology, Class and the National Health Service.

47. Models of Man and Models of Policy: Reflections on Exit, Voice, and Loyalty Ten Years Later.

48. Health Care in the Age of Disillusionment.

49. The NHS and the Theatre of Inadequacy.

50. Acceptable Inequalities.

51. From Status to Contract: The Transformation of the British Medical Profession.

52. The State and the Profession: The Politics of the Double Bed.

53. Risks and Benefits of Comparative Studies: Notes from Another Shore.

54. Rationing in Action – Dimensions of Rationing: Who Should Do What?.

55. The Goals of Health Policy: Church or Garage?.

56. Labour’s Health Policy: A Retreat from Ideology.

"Original voices are rare. Rudolf Klein has been a startling and important explicator of health policy and social services. His is still the most original voice in chronicling and critiquing the politics of the British health service. His forays into other systems, notably the U.S. system, have been equally provocative. Why do we have the systems we have? Why can we not agree on one way of organizing services and stick with it? Read Rudolf Klein and see." – Rosemary Stevens
* A unique collection of the writings of Rudolf Klein.
* Contains material spanning four decades.