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Oogenesis: The Universal Process



Oogenesis: The Universal Process

Marie-Helene Verlhac, Anne Villeneuve

ISBN: 978-0-470-68798-7 March 2010 516 Pages

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Oogenesis - the process by which female germ cells develop into mature eggs, or ova - is a complex process involving many important elements of developmental and cellular biology: from cell-cell interactions, complex signalling cascades, specialized cell cycles and cytoskeleton organization. Oocytes from various species (including clam, starfish, xenopus and mouse) are excellent model systems to study the biochemistry of cell division with important implications for basic and clinical research. 

This book describes the entire process of oogenesis in chronological order with contributions from leading international researchers and chapters covering medical and ethical considerations in oogenic biology. Topics include sex determination and gonadal development, control of meiotic chromosome pairing and homologous recombination, control of meiotic divisions and the remodelling of the oocyte into a totipotent zygote as well as medically-assisted reproduction.

This volume is an essential resource for all students, researchers and clinicians in developmental and reproductive biology.

Key features:

  • Reaches beyond the study of simply meiosis to cover all aspects of oogenesis
  • Synthesizes recent advances in the field, drawing on studies from different model species
  • Chapter sequence designed to follow the time line in vivo
  • Written by an international panel of expert researchers
List of Contributors.

Foreword. (Tim Hunt)

Section I: Oocyte Determination.

Chapter 1: The Sperm/Oocyte Decision, a C. elegans Perspective (Ronald Ellis).

Chapter 2: Sex Determination and Gonadal Development (Alexander Combes, Cassy Spiller and Peter Koopman).

Chapter 3 : Clytia hemisphaerica: A Cnidarian Model for Studying Oogenesis (Aldine Amiel, Patrick Chang, Tsuyoshi Momose and Evelyn Houliston).

Section II: Oocyte Growth.

Chapter 4: Soma–Germline Interactions in the Ovary: an Evolutionary Perspective (David Albertini and John Bromfield).

Section III: Homologous Chromosome Pairing and Recombination.

Chapter 5: Homologous Chromosome Pairing and Synapsis during Oogenesis (Susanna Mlynarczyk-Evans and Anne Villeneuve).

Chapter 6: Meiotic Recombination in Mammals (Sabine Santucci-Darmanin and Fre´de´ric Baudat).

Section IV: Meiosis Resumption.

Chapter 7: Initiation of the Meiotic Prophase-to-Metaphase Transition in Mammalian Oocytes (Laurinda A. Jaffe and Rachael P. Norris).

Chapter 8: Oocyte-Specific Translational Control Mechanisms (Isabel Novoa, Carolina Eliscovich, Eula`lia Belloc and Rau´l Me´ndez).

Chapter 9: MPF and the Control of Meiotic Divisions: Old Problems, New Concepts (Catherine Jessus).

Section V: The Cytological Events of Meiotic Divisions.

Chapter 10: Meiotic Spindle Assembly and Chromosome Segregation in Oocytes (Julien Dumont and Ste´phane Brunet).

Chapter 11: Mechanisms of Asymmetric Division in Metazoan Meiosis (Marie-He´le`ne Verlhac and Karen Wingman Lee).

Section VI: Biological Clocks Regulating Meiotic Divisions.

Chapter 12: The Control of the Metaphase-to-Anaphase Transition in Meiosis (M. Emilie Terret).

Chapter 13: Mechanisms Controlling Maintenance and Exit of the CSF Arrest (Thierry Lorca and Anna Castro).

Chapter 14: Cytostatic Arrest: Post-ovulation Arrest Until Fertilization in Metazoan Oocytes (Tomoko Nishiyama, Kazunori Tachibana and Takeo Kishimoto).

Section VII: Oocyte Ageing in Mammals.

Chapter 15: Mammalian Oocyte Population throughout Life (Roger Gosden, Eujin Kim, Bora Lee, Katia Manova and Malcolm Faddy).

Section VIII: From Oocyte to Embryo.

Chapter 16: Fertilization and the Evolution of Animal Gamete Proteins (Julian L. Wong and Gary M. Wessel).

Chapter 17: Remodelling the Oocyte into a Totipotent Zygote: Degradation of Maternal Products (Jose´-Eduardo Gomes, Jorge Merlet, Julien Burger and Lionel Pintard).

Chapter 18: Chromatin Remodelling in Mammalian Oocytes (Rabindranath De La Fuente, Claudia Baumann, Feikun Yang and Maria M. Viveiros).

Chapter 19: Follicles and Medically Assisted Reproduction (Susan L. Barrett and Teresa K. Woodruff).