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Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Investing in the Economies of Tomorrow

Opportunities in Emerging Markets: Investing in the Economies of Tomorrow

Gordian Gaeta

ISBN: 978-1-119-19909-0

Oct 2015

448 pages


The practical guide to investing in emerging markets

Though potentially risky, investing in emerging markets can offer extremely attractive returns. Opportunities in Emerging Markets offers practical advice for investors based on the real life experiences—both positive and negative—of practitioners, pioneer investors, and local heroes with experience in frontier markets. Exploring how every developing market has its own unique regional cultures and social structures that change the way investors invest, and must be understood in order to make wise investments, the book combines standard approaches to investing with the exigencies of frontier markets to create an invaluable framework for success.

A collection of useful ideas that investors—institutions, general partners, limited partners, or shareholders—can draw upon when investing money in emerging markets, the book includes essential information on one of the most attractive opportunities for beating traditional markets and investments. If access, downside, and predictability can be managed, there's a great deal of money to be made in emerging markets, and this book shows how. Both investors and investment managers need to understand fundamental success factors, real framework conditions, and hidden pitfall and in Opportunities in Emerging Markets, author Gordian Gaeta analyses these intricacies in depth.

  • Gives investors of all kinds the information they need to succeed in emerging markets
  • Incorporates real life experiences—both good and bad—to help readers avoid common mistakes and maximize their returns
  • Includes interviews with Mark Mobius, Jim Rogers, Marc Faber, and other leading names in the emerging markets sector

For those traders brave enough to engage in high-risk/high-return investing, Opportunities in Emerging Markets is an excellent overview of the world's toughest frontier markets and how to conquer them. Featuring interviews with some of the top investors in the field, this is the definitive guide to the perils and pitfalls of investing in these highly volatile markets.

Preface xi

Selected List of Acronyms xvii

PART ONE On the Selection and Classification of Developing Markets 1

CHAPTER 1 On Developing Markets in General 7

The Notion of Developing Markets 7

The Nature and Structure of Emerging Markets 9

The Spectacular Rise of Developing Markets 12

Practical Perspective on Frontier Economies 16

Conclusion 22

CHAPTER 2 Developing Market Classifications and Categorizations 25

Investable Emerging Market Classifications 25

Frontier Market Categorizations 44

Conclusion 50

CHAPTER 3 Considerations on Emerging and Frontier Market Classifications 53

Consequences of Classifications 54

Issues with Classifications 64

A Potential Leap in Classifications 71

Indexing and Passive Investment: The Asian Investor Perspective 73

Conclusion 82

CHAPTER 4 Alternatives on Selecting Investable Developing Economies 85

Investor Factors of Importance 87

Essential Economic Freedoms 89

Global Competitiveness 94

Doing Business 96

Governance Indicators 97

Financial Centers Ranking 100

Global Manufacturing Competitiveness 101

Stock Market Aspects 103

Conclusion 105

CHAPTER 5 Private Equity Flows as a Lead Indicator 107

Private Equity Flows: The Next Wave of Investable Markets 107

Private Equity as Lead Indicator 114

Emerging Markets Private Equity in Practice 122

Conclusion 130

CHAPTER 6 A Different Selection of Investable Markets 133

PART TWO The Investment Case for Developing Markets 141

CHAPTER 7 Emerging Markets InvestmentsShort Term or Secular Theme 145

The Confounded State of Industrial Nations 146

Change in Global Power Balance 163

Emerging Markets on the Growth Path 166

Global Redistribution Has Only Started 172

Conclusion 175

CHAPTER 8 A Case for Frontier Markets 177

New, Yet Familiar Territory 179

Key Drivers of the Frontier Markets Opportunity Set 181

Risks to Investing in Frontier Markets 195

Conclusion 199

CHAPTER 9 Subcontinents: Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia 201

The Investment Case for Africa 201

South and Southeast Asia Frontiers: Opportunities Abundant 212

Conclusion 229

CHAPTER 10 Regions: Middle East, GCC, Levant, and North Africa 231

The Soft Side of Business in MENA 232

Investor Markets in MENA, GCC, North Africa, and Levant 236

The Case of Oman: Solid Foundations for Investment 244

Oman Stock Market 248

United Arab Emirates: Plentiful Business and Capital 250

Conclusion 252

PART THREE Pragmatic Investing in Developing and Unclassified Markets 255

CHAPTER 11 Investments in China 259

Seeing the Whole China Elephant 259

China Investing, Chinese-Style 262

The Whole Elephant: How to Evaluate a China Investment 274

Conclusion 277

CHAPTER 12 The Genesis of Markets: Colombia, Mongolia, and Haiti 279

Colombia: From Drugs to Investment Destination 279

Mongolia: Opportunities in the New Frontier 288

Haiti: Out of Tragedy to Future Frontier Market? 297

Conclusion 305

CHAPTER 13 Nascent Stock Markets: Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia 309

Myanmar: Change toward Long-Term Attraction? 309

Lao People’s Democratic Republic: Emerging from Isolation 316

Kingdom of Cambodia: A New Market 326

Conclusion 331

CHAPTER 14 Credit and Real Estate Markets in Emerging Economies 335

Credit Markets of Emerging Central and Eastern Europe 335

Real Estate Market in the Mekong Region 344

Conclusion 350

CHAPTER 15 Critical Business Issues in Developing Markets 353

The Importance of Being Earnest: The UK Bribery Act Globally 353

Information Technology in Developing Markets 366

Conclusion 374

CHAPTER 16 Operating in Emerging Markets 377

The Substance of Marketing in Developing Markets 377

Corruption Utile 383

Business Styles and Requirements 385

Conclusion 389

About the Author and Editor 391

About the Contributors 393

Bibliography 405

Index 413