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Optical Imaging and Metrology: Advanced Technologies



Optical Imaging and Metrology: Advanced Technologies

Wolfgang Osten (Editor), Nadya Reingand (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-41064-4 October 2012 502 Pages


A comprehensive review of the state of the art and advances in the field, while also outlining the future potential and development trends of optical imaging and optical metrology, an area of fast growth with numerous applications in nanotechnology and nanophysics. Written by the world's leading experts in the field, it fills the gap in the current literature by bridging the fields of optical imaging and metrology, and is the only up-to-date resource in terms of fundamental knowledge, basic concepts, methodologies, applications, and development trends.
1. LCOS Spatial Light Modulators: Trends and Applications
2. Three-dimensional Display and Imaging: Status and Prospects
3. Holographic Television: Status and Future
4. Display Holography: Status and Future
5. Incoherent Computer-generated Holography for 3-D Color Imaging and Display
6. Approaches to overcome the Resolution Problem in Incoherent Digital Holography
7. Managing Digital Holograms and the Numerical Reconstruction Process for Focus Flexibility
8. Three-dimensional Particle Control by Holographic Optical Tweezers
9. The Role of Intellectual Property Protection in Creating Business in Optical Metrology
10. On the Difference between 3D Imaging and 3D Metrology for Computed Tomography
11. Coherence Holography: Principles and Applications
12. Quantitative Optical Microscopy at the Nanoscale: New Developments and Comparisons
13. Model-based Optical Metrology
14. Combination of Direct and Indirect Solution Strategies
15. Different Approaches to Overcome Existing Limits in Optical Micro and Nano Metrology
16. Interferometry in Harsh Environments
17. Advanced Methods for Optical Non-destructive Testing
18. Upgrade Holographic Interferometry for Industrial Application by Digital Holography