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Optical Methods for Data Processing in Heat and Fluid Flow



Optical Methods for Data Processing in Heat and Fluid Flow

Clive Greated, John Cosgrove, James Buick

ISBN: 978-1-860-58281-3 August 2002 304 Pages


Optical methods are now used routinely for the measurement of velocity, concentration, temperature, and other parameters in wide-ranging areas of industrial research and design such as IC engines, turbines, and combustors.

Recent advances such as the use of high-resolution CCD cameras and the extension of flow mapping to three dimensions, make optical tools such as particle image velocimetry increasingly viable for use in the industrial environment.

This excellent book presents new developments in optical diagnostic techniques in heat and fluid flow and offers an unparalleled opportunity for industrialists and academic researchers to exchange ideas.


  • Comparison of injector sprays for gasoline direct-injection engines
  • The design, development, and preliminary results from a high-speed, optically accessed, single cylinder engine
  • The reflected spectrum of complex multi-layered inhomogeneous highly scattering medium
  • Development of full volume digital holography for particle measurement
  • Improved liquid crystal thermography by using true-colour image processing technology
  • Development of an optical measuring technique for the study of acoustical phenomena
  • Spatio-temporal reconstruction of the unsteady wake of axisymmetric bluff bodies via time-recording DPIV
  • Application of particle image velocimetry to helicopter vortex interactions
  • Pulsed laser particle image velocimetry using a fibre-optic delivery system
  • Automated fringe analysis for profilometric mass-transfer experiments.