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Optical Methods for Solid Mechanics: A Full-Field Approach

Optical Methods for Solid Mechanics: A Full-Field Approach

Pramod K. Rastogi (Editor), Erwin Hack (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-41111-5 March 2013 446 Pages


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Unique within the field for being written in a tutorial style, this textbook adopts a step-by-step approach to the background needed for understanding a wide range of full-field optical measurement techniques in solid mechanics.
This method familiarizes readers with the essentials of imaging and full-field optical measurement techniques, helping them to identify the appropriate techniques and in assessing measurement systems. In addition, readers learn the appropriate rules of thumb as a guide to better experimental performance from the applied techniques.
Rather than presenting an exhaustive overview on the subject, each chapter provides a concise introduction to the concepts and principles, integrates solved problems within the text, summarizes the essence at the end, and includes unsolved problems.
With its coverage of topics also relevant for industry, this text is aimed at graduate students, researchers, and engineers involved in non-destructive testing for acoustics, mechanics, medicine, diagnosis on artwork and construction, and civil engineering.
1. Basic Optics
2. Electronic Image Sensing and Processing
3. Phase Decoding and Reconstruction
4. Experimental Stress Analysis: An Overview
5. Digital Image Correlation
6. Rough Surface Interferometry
7. Fringe Projection Profilometry
8. Thermoelastic Stress Analysis
9. Photoelasticity

“This could be a helpful reference for students at the graduate level, or for professional researchers and engineers.”  (Optics & Photonics News, 19 November 2014)