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Optical Metrology, 3rd Edition



Optical Metrology, 3rd Edition

Kjell J. Gåsvik

ISBN: 978-0-470-84300-0 October 2002 372 Pages


New material on computerized optical processes, computerized ray tracing, and the fast Fourier transform, Bibre-Bragg sensors, and temporal phase unwrapping.
* New introductory sections to all chapters.
* Detailed discussion on lasers and laser principles, including an introduction to radiometry and photometry.
* Thorough coverage of the CCD camera.
Preface to the Third Edition


Gaussian Optics



Light Sources and Detectors


Moire Methods, Triangulation

Speckle Methods

Photoelasticity and Polarized Light

Digital Image Processing

Fringe Analysis

Computerized Optical Processes

Fibre Optics Metrology

Appendix: Complex Numbers

Appendix: Fourier Optics

Appendix Fourier Series

Appendix The Least Squares Error Method

Appendix Semiconductor Devices