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Optics of Nanostructured Materials

Vadim A. Markel (Editor), Thomas F. George (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-34968-6 November 2000 568 Pages


Some of the most exciting developments in the optics and processing of nanostructured materials can be found in applied science and engineering. The topics covered in this book are at the cutting edge of research.
Photonic Crystals (M. Sigalas, et al.).

"Holey" Silica Fibers (J. Knight, et al.).

Near-Field Optics of Nanostructured Surfaces (S. Bozhevolnyi).

Near-Field Optics of Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials (B. Hanewinkel, et al.).

Localization of Light in Three-Dimensional Disordered Dielectrics (M. Rusek & A. Orlowski).

Field Distribution, Anderson Localization, and Optical Phenomena in Random Metal-Dielectric Films (A. Sarychev & V. Shalaev).

Optical Nonlinearities in Metal Colloidal Solutions (V. Safonov, et al.).

Local Fields' Localization and Chaos and Nonlinear-Optical Enhancement in Clusters and Composites (M. Stockman).

Some Theoretical and Numerical Approaches to the Optics of Fractal Smoke (V. Markel, et al.).

Optics and Structure of Carbonaceous Soot Aggregates (E. Mikhailov, et al.).

Optoelectronic Properties of Quantum Wires (A. Balandin, et al.).

Quantum Dots: Physics and Applications (K. Wang & A. Balandin).

"...written by leading scientists in their own field." (Measurement Science & Technology, September 2001)