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Optimization and Bioprocesses

Optimization and Bioprocesses

Jérôme Harmand, Claude Lobry, Alain Rapaport, Tewfik Sari

ISBN: 978-1-786-30045-4

Apr 2020

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Given a wastewater treatment process (a sewage treatment plant), we will look to drive its load to maximize the amount of water sanitized daily or any other time unit. In terms of engineering, we want to improve the performance of a bioprocess. The optimization or optimal control of industrial processes has been the subject of countless general treaties. However, works dedicated to the optimization of bioprocesses are rarer. This book has two parts. The first "Learn to use the Maximum Principle" deals with the simplest possible way to use the basic tool of optimization methods necessary for conditions of optimality. The second deals with examples.

1 Learn to use the Maximum Principle

1.1 The calculation of classical variations

1.2 the Hamiltonian system and the geodesic problem

1.3 The Maximum Principle of Pontryaguine

1.4 Teaching examples

2 Applications to certain bioprocesses

2.1 The Moreno problem

2.2 Behavior of sequential reactors

2.3 Behavior of staged reactors

2.4 Closed circuit resource processing

2.5 Enabling shocks