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Optische Spektroskopie: Eine Einführung, 2nd Edition



Optische Spektroskopie: Eine Einführung, 2nd Edition

Werner Schmidt

ISBN: 978-3-527-66334-7 August 2014 390 Pages


This book is a compact and simultaneously comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of optical spectroscopy. The author skillfully leads the reader from the basics to practical applications.

The main topics covered are:
- theory of optical spectroscopy
- components of spectrometers (light sources, filters, lenses and mirror chromators, detectors, cuvettes)
- evaluation of data and interpretation of spectra

Such important methods as absorption and luminescence spectroscopy, scattering and reflection spectroscopy and photoaccustic spectroscopy are covered in depth. A useful appendix with the addresses of pertinent equipment manufacturers rounds off the work.

Easy to understand and well illustrated, this book is suitable both as a textbook for beginners and as a reference work for the practitioner.