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Optoelectronic Materials and Technology in the Information Age

Optoelectronic Materials and Technology in the Information Age


This volume will provide interdisciplinary treatment, with a strong materials community, for technical exchange on optoelecronic materials, device application, and system development.

Proceedings of the symposium at the 103rd Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, held April 22-25, 2001 in Indianapolis, Indiana; Ceramic Transactions, Volume 126.

Preface vii

Inorganic Phosphor, Display, and Solid State Lighting Materials

Luminescence of Long-Time Ordered GaP:N 3
Sergei L Pyshkin

Radioluminescent Glass Battery 13
M.M. Sychov, K.E. Bower, A.G. Kavetsky, and V.M. Andreev

Synthesis of Nano-Sized Europium Doped Yttrium Oxide 23
Burtrand I. Lee,Thomas S. Copeland, Amanda K. Elrod, and Jason Qi

Unusual Long-Wavelength Excitation and Emission in Eu(ll) and Ce(lll) Doped M-Si-AI-O-N Glasses 31
D. de Graaf, R. Metselaar, H.T Hintzen, and G. de With

Gas-Phase Modification of the Direct Current Electrophosphor 37
V.D. Kupriyanov, N.A. Stepanova, B.M. Sinelnikov, M.M. Sychov, and V.G. Korsakov

Novel Synthesis of Amorphous and Semiconducting Optoelectronics

Local Structure and Raman Vibrational Spectra of Doped Tellurite Glasses 45
H.M. Moawad, J.Toulouse, H.Jain, O. Latmovic, and A.R. Kortan

Effects of Starting Compositions on the Phase Equilibrium in Hydrothermal Synthesis of Zn2Si04:Mn2+ 59
Chulsoo Yoon and Shinhoo Kang

FeSixO Films Prepared by Co-Sputtering 67
Takasni Ehara, Masafumi Saito, Shuichi Naito, and Yoshihiro Kokubun

Structure-Property Relationships in As-S-Se Glasses for Waveguide Applications Probed by Near-Infrared Raman Spectroscopy 79
Clara Rivera, Alfons Schulte, and Kathleen Richardson

Study of Structural Changes in Glassy As2Se3 by EXAFS under in situ Laser Irradiation 87
Gang Chen, Himanshu Jain, Syed Khalid, Jun Li, David A. Drabold, and Stephen R. Elliott

Electro-Optic and Ferroic Materials in Optoelectronic Applications

Investigations on High Response Speed and High Induced Strain of Photostrictive Doped PLZT Ceramics 97
Patcharin Poosanaas-Burke, BhanuVetayanugul, Thanakorn Wasanapiarnpong, Sutin Kuharuangrong, and Kenji Uchino

Single Crystal Electro-Optic Fiber in Optical Wavelength Shift 107
Shilpi Bhargava and Ruyan Guo

Fabrication of Photonic Bandgap Structures by Fused Deposition of Multimaterials 115
M.E. Pilleux,Y Chen,Y Lu, E. Niver, M. Allahverdi, E.K. Akdogan, and A. Safari

Two-Dimensional Modeling of Gaussian Beam Propagation through an Anisotropie Medium 127
Wook Lee and Ruyan Guo

Index 159