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Orbital Forcing and Cyclic Sequences

Orbital Forcing and Cyclic Sequences

P. L. DeBoer (Editor), D. G. Smith (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-444-30404-6

Apr 2009, Wiley-Blackwell

576 pages

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Classically orbital cycles have been recognized in pelagic and lacustrine sequences characterized by quiet sedimentation, not disturbed by tectonics. Hoiwever, there is now increasing recognition that orbital cycles do influence climate and oceanography in general terms. There is also increasing acceptance of the possibility at least that the effect should be felt over large parts of the Earth's surface and that orbital cycles may well leave signs in other sedimentary environments that are commonly considered to be dominated by tectonics and eustasy. Containing thirty-one papers from a symposium held at the International Sedimentological Congress in Nottingham in 1990, this volume spans a range of topics from the astronomical theory behind orbital forcing, to field studies dealing with a broad range of sedimentary environments, and to modelling and simulation.

  • State-of-the-art research papers.
  • International expert authorship.
  • The latest research in the highly topical subject of orbital forcing.

Orbital Forcing And Cyclic Sequences.

Astronomical Forcing Through Geological Time.

Internal Response To Orbital Forcing And External Cyclic Sedimentary Sequences.

Filtering And Frequency Mapping As Tools In Subsurface Cyclostratigraphy, With Examples From The Wessex Basin, UK.

Milankovitch Cyclicity In The Upper Rotliegend Group Of The Netherlands Offshore.

Identification Of Regular Sedimentary Cycles Using Walsh Spectral Analysis With Results From The Boom Clay Formation (Belgium).

Fourier Analysis Of High Frequency Cyclicity In Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Platform Strata, Monte Maggiore, Southern Appenines (Italy).

The Cyclo-Stratigraphy Of The Cenomanian In The Gubbio District, Italy: A Field Study.

Milankovitch Periodicities Recorded In Cretaceous Deep-Sea Sequences From The Southern Alps (Northern Italy).

An Astronomically Calibrated (Polarity) Time Scale For The Plio-Pleistocene: A Brief Review.

Pleistocene Evolution Of Orbital Periodicities In The High Resolution Pollen Record Funza I, Eastern Cordillera, Colombia.

Late Quaternary Monsoonal Variations In The Western Arabian Sea Based On Cross Spectral Analyses Of Geochemical And Micropalaeontological Data (ODP Leg 117, Core 728a).

Milankovitch Cyclicity In Upper Cretaceous Sediments From Exmouth Plateau Off Northwest Australia.

Complex Rhythmic Sedimentation Related To 3rd Order Sea-Level Variations: Western Interior Basin, US Upper Cretaceous.

Ichnofossils And Ichnofabric In Rhythmically Bedded Pelagic/Hemipelagic Carbonates, Recognition And Evaluation Of Benthic Redox And Scour Cycles.

Orbitally Driven Cycles In Trace Fossil Assemblages.

Guilds, Cycles And Episodic Vertical Aggradation Of A Reef (Late Barremian To Early Aptian, Dinaric Carbonate Platform, Slovenia).

High Frequency, Glacio-Eustatic Cyclicity In The Middle Pennsylvanian Of The Paradox Basin: An Evaluation Of Milankovitch Forcing.

Milankovitch Cyclicity And High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy In Lagoonal-Peritidal Carbonates (Upper Tithonian - Lower Berriasian, French Jura Mountains).

Lofer Cycles Of The Upper Triassic Dachstein Platform In The Transdanubian Midmountains (Hungary).

Periodicities In The Composition Of Late Triassic Calciturbidites (Eastern Alps, Austria).

Orbitally Induced Small Scale Cyclicity In A Siliciclastic Epicontinental Setting (Lower Lias, Yorkshire, UK).

The Sequence Architecture Of Mid-Pleistocene (0.35 - 0.95 Ma) Cyclotherms From New Zealand: Facies Development During A Period Of Orbital Control On Sea-Level Cyclicity.

Cyclic Deposition Of The Upper Devonian (Frasnian) Catskill Delta Complex, Appalachian Mountains, USA; Milankovitch Cyclicity And Sequence Stratigraphy In Early Namurian Coal-Bearing Fluvio-Deltaic Deposits In Central Scotland.

Orbital Forcing On Continental Depositional Systems - Lacustrine And Fluvial Cyclicity In The Devonian Of East Greenland; Climatic Controls On Ancient Desert Sediemtation: Some Late Paleozoic And Mesozoic Examples From NW Europe And The Western Interior Of USA.

Global Cyclostratigraphy: An Application To The Eocene Green River Basin.

Reading Orbital Signals Distorted By Sedimentation: Models And Examples.

The Effect Of Orbital Cycles On Late And Middle Cretaceous Climate: A Comparative General Circulation Model; Cyclicity Or Chaos?

  • State-of-the-art research papers.

  • International expert authorship.

  • The latest research in the highly topical subject of orbital forcing.