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Ore Deposits: Origin, Exploration, and Exploitation



Ore Deposits: Origin, Exploration, and Exploitation

Sophie Decree (Editor), Laurence Robb (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-119-29055-1 April 2019 American Geophysical Union 272 Pages


The latest knowledge on mineral ore genesis and the exploration of ore deposits

Global demand for metals has risen considerably over the past decade. Geologists are developing new approaches for studying ore deposits and discovering new sources. Ore Deposits: Origin, Exploration, and Exploitation is a compilation of diverse case studies on new prospects in ore deposit geology including atypical examples of mineral deposits and new methods for ore exploration.

Volume highlights include: 

  • Presentation of the latest research on a range of ore deposit types
  • Application of ore deposits to multiple areas of geology and geophysical exploration
  • Emphasis on diverse methods and tools for the study of ore deposits
  • Useful case studies for geologists in both academia and industry

Ore Deposits: Origin, Exploration, and Exploitation is a valuable resource for economic geologists, mineralogists, petrologists, geochemists, mining engineers, research professionals, and advanced students in relevant areas of academic study.

Contributors vii

Preface ix

Section I: Characteristics of Atypical Mineral Deposit Styles

1. Origin and Exploration of the Kola PGE‐bearing Province: New Constraints from Geochronology 3
Felix P. Mitrofanov, Tamara B. Bayanova, John N. Ludden, Alexey U. Korchagin, Victor V. Chashchin, Lyudmila I. Nerovich, Pavel A. Serov, Alexander F. Mitrofanov, and Dmitry V. Zhirov

2. Geochemical, Microtextural, and Mineralogical Studies of the Samba Deposit in the Zambian Copperbelt Basement: A Metamorphosed Paleoproterozoic Porphyry Cu Deposit 37
S. Master and N. M. Ndhlovu

3. The Geology of the Mufulira Deposit: Implications for the Metallogenesis of Arenite‐Hosted Ore Deposits in the Central African Copperbelt 57
Philippe Muchez, Maarten Minnen, Stijn Dewaele, and Niels Hulsbosch

4. Nb‐Ta‐Sn‐W Distribution in Granite‐related Ore Systems: Fractionation Mechanisms and Examples from the Karagwe‐Ankole Belt of Central Africa 75
Niels Hulsbosch

5. The Southern Breccia Metasomatic Uranium System of the Great Bear Magmatic Zone, Canada: Iron Oxide‐Copper‐Gold (IOCG) and Albitite‐Hosted Uranium Linkages 109
E.G. Potter, J.‐F. Montreuil, L. Corriveau, and W. J. Davis

Section II: New Methods for Mineral Exploration

6. Cathodoluminescence Applied to Ore Geology and Exploration 133
Jean‐Marc Baele, Sophie Decree, and Brian Rusk

7. Transition Metal Isotopes Applied to Exploration Geochemistry: Insights from Fe, Cu, and Zn 163
Ryan Mathur and Da Wang

8. Exploring for Carbonate‐Hosted Ore Deposits Using Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes 185
Shaun L. L. Barker and Gregory M. Dipple

9. The Importance of Large Scale Geophysical Investigations for Mineral Exploration 09
Susan J. Webb, Stephanie E. Scheiber‐Enslin, and Janine Cole

10. A Summary of Some Recent Developments in Potential Field Data Processing in South Africa with Mining and Exploration Applications 225
G. R. J. Cooper

11. 3D Reflection Seismic Imaging for Gold and Platinum Exploration, Mine Development, and Safety: Case Studies from the Witwatersrand Basin and Bushveld Complex (South Africa) 237
M. S. Manzi, E. J. Hunt, and R. J. Durrheim

Index 257