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Organic Electronics II: More Materials and Applications



Organic Electronics II: More Materials and Applications

Hagen Klauk (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-64022-5 April 2012 440 Pages


Like its predecessor this book is devoted to the materials, manufacturing and applications aspects of organic thin-film transistors. Once
again authored by the most renowned experts from this fascinating and fast-moving area of research, it offers a joint perspective both
broad and in-depth on the latest developments in the areas of materials chemistry, transport physics, materials characterization, manufacturing technology, and circuit integration of organic transistors. With its many figures and detailed index, this book once again also serves as a ready reference.
High-performance Organic Semiconductor Materials -
Ian McCulloch (Imperial College, London)
Electroactive Polymer Thin Films -
Dean DeLongchamp (NIST)
Materials for Large-area Electronics -
Alberto Salleo (Stanford University)
Functional Pentacenes -
John Anthony (University of Kentucky)
Plastic Electronics -
Antonio Facchetti (Northwestern University, Polyera)
Electronic, Photonic and Magnetic Materials -
Dan Frisbie (University of Minnesota)

Printing Technology -
Vivek Subramanian (University of California, Berkeley)
Solution Processing -
Ana Claudia Arias (Palo Alto Research Center)
Direct Inkjet Printing -
Takao Someya (University of Tokyo)
Photoresist-free Patterning -
Tom Jackson (Pennsylvania State University)

Photonic Nanostructures -
Jana Zaumseil (Argonne National Laboratory)
Plastic Transistors -
Henning Sirringhaus (Plastic Logic)
Integrated Microsystems -
Eugenio Cantatore (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Active Matrix Displays -
Kazumasa Nomoto (SONY)