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Organic Light Emitting Devices: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Organic Light Emitting Devices: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

Klaus Müllen (Editor), Ullrich Scherf (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-60798-3

Jun 2006

426 pages


This high-class book reflects a decade of intense research, culminating in excellent successes over the last few years. The contributions from both academia as well as the industry leaders combine the fundamentals and latest research results with application know-how and examples of functioning displays.
As a result, all the four important aspects of OLEDs are covered:
- syntheses of the organic materials
- physical theory of electroluminescence and device efficiency
- device conception and construction
- characterization of both materials and devices.
The whole is naturally rounded off with a look at what the future holds in store.
The editor, Klaus Muellen, is director of the highly prestigious MPI for polymer research in Mainz, Germany, while the authors include Nobel Laureate Alan Heeger, one of the most notable founders of the field, Richard Friend, as well as Ching Tang, Eastman Kodak's number-one OLED researcher, known throughout the entire community for his key publications.
Inorganic Semiconductors for LEDs
Physics of OLEDs
Photophysics of Emissive Materials
Optimisation of OLEDs
Optimisation of Multilayer OLEDs
Synthesis of Electroluminescent Polymers
Hole-transporting, Hole-blocking and Electron-transporting Materials for OLEDs
Dendrimer-based OLEDs
Layer-by-layer Processing of OLEDs
Semiconductor Nanoparticle/Polymer Hybrid OLEDs
Electrophosphorescent Devices
Low Threshold Organic Semiconductor Lasers
"The editors have done an excellent job on providing an up-to-date account of the current state of the art in this fast-moving field.... High recommended."
Organic Process Research & Development

"In this book, chemists, physicists, material scientists, electronic and process engineers could certainly find in-depth coverage on OLEDs technology from basic concepts to technological and industrial aspects." Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics

"Overall, this book gives an excellent overview of the field of organic light-emitting diodes. While it appeals to the specialist, the didactically smart structure makes it very useful and easy-to-read as well as enjoyable for the nonspecialist and graduate student. The chapters are well written, and the book is informative with up-to-date references and novel developments... the editors did an excellent job of putting this exciting volume together. All libraries and everybody interested in LEDs should own this book which I am convinced will become a hit." Journal of the American Chemical Society

"...I strongly recommend this book to all researchers active in or interested in this area." Angewandte Chemie