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Organic Reactions, Volume 89

Scott E. Denmark (Editor-in-Chief)

ISBN: 978-1-119-26652-5 February 2016 1360 Pages


The latest volume in this series for organic chemists in industry presents critical discussions of widely used organic reactions or particular phases of a reaction. The material is treated from a preparative viewpoint, with emphasis on limitations, interfering influences, effects of structure and the selection of experimental techniques. The work includes tables that contain all possible examples of the reaction under consideration. Detailed procedures illustrate the significant modifications of each method.
1. Olefin Ring-Closing Metathesis Larry Yet  1

Abbreviations 92

Chart 1. Catalysts Used in Tables  95

Chart 2. Ligands Used in Tables  107

Table 1. Synthesis of Carbocycles 108

Table 2A. Synthesis of Cyclic Amides  374

Table 2B. Synthesis of Cyclic Ethers 569

Table 2C. Synthesis of Phosphorous-Containing Heterocycles 764

Table 2D. Synthesis of Silicon-Containing Heterocycles 788

Table 2E. Synthesis of Sulfur-Containing Heterocycles 818

Table 2F. Synthesis of Sulfonamide-Containing Heterocycles 828

Table 2G. Synthesis of Boron-Containing Derivatives 837

Table 2H. Synthesis of Unsaturated Lactams 838

Table 2I. Synthesis of Cyclic Peptides 916

Table 2J. Synthesis of Unsaturated Lactones 953

Table 2K. Synthesis of Heterocycles Containing Multiple Heteroatoms 1118

Table 3. Synthesis of Supramolecular Compounds 1180

Table 4. Tandem Metathesis Reactions 1204

References 1248

Cumulative Chapter Titles by Volume 1305

Author Index, Volumes 1–89  1321

Chapter and Topic Index, Volumes 1–89  1327