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Organic Reactions, Volume 94

Organic Reactions, Volume 94

Scott E. Denmark (Editor-in-Chief)

ISBN: 978-1-119-30893-5

Jan 2018

584 pages

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The 94th volume in this series for organic chemists in industry presents critical discussions of widely used organic reactions or particular phases of a reaction. The material is treated from a preparative viewpoint, with emphasis on limitations, interfering influences, effects of structure and the selection of experimental techniques. The work includes tables that contain all possible examples of the reaction under consideration. Detailed procedures illustrate the significant modifications of each method.

1. [3 + 2] Dipolar Cycloadditions of Cyclic Nitrones with Alkenes 1
Alberto Brandi, Francesca Cardona, Stefano Cicchi, Franca M. Cordero, and Andrea Goti

Cumulative Chapter Titles by Volume 531

Author Index, Volumes 1–94 549

Chapter and Topic Index, Volumes 1–94 555