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Organic Syntheses, Volume 69


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Organic Syntheses, Volume 69

Leo A. Paquette (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-54560-6 July 1991 352 Pages


Like its predecessors, this volume contains checked and edited procedures for dealing with important new synthetic methods or specific compounds holding potential interest for synthetic chemists. Among the organic procedures covered are: kinetic resolution by enzymatic means, stereocontrolled processes that have proven useful for constructing relative complex molecules, the vital role that organometallic reagents play in the transformation of functional groups, preparations of starting materials that play an established role in important structural transformation and/or multistep syntheses, the preparation of oxaziridine--a selective, aprotic oxidizing agent of considerable importance, and a chiral auxiliary that has found substantial use in asymmetric reactions of various types.
Partial table of contents:

Enantiomerically Pure Ethyl (R)- and (S)-2-Fluoro-Hexanoate byEnzyme-Catalyzed Kinetic Resolution (P. Kalaritis & R.Regenye).

1,3,4,6-Tetra-O-Acetyl-2-Deoxy--D-Glucopyranose (B. Giese & K.Groninger).

Mixed Higher Order Cyanocuprate-Induced Epoxide Openings:1-Benzyloxy-4-Penten-2-OL (B. Lipshutz, et al.).

Hydromagnesiation Reaction of Propargylic Alcohols:(E)-3-Pentyl-2-Nonene-1, 4-Diol from 2-Octyn-1-OL (F. Sato & Y.Kobayashi).

N-Fluoropyridinium Triflate: An Electrophilic Fluorinating Agent(T. Umemoto, et al.).

Methyl 2-Chloro-2-Cyclo-Propylidenacetate (T. Liese, et al.).

Unchecked Procedures.

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