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Organic Syntheses, Volume 71


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Organic Syntheses, Volume 71

Larry E. Overman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-30531-6 August 1993 320 Pages


Consists of 30 checked and edited experimental procedures that illustrate new synthetic techniques or describe the preparation of particularly useful chemicals. Features procedures exemplifying important methods for preparing enantiomerically pure substances by asymmetric catalysis; details a reliable zirconium-based process for the coupling of alkynes and enones; concludes with the preparation of four useful starting materials. A section on waste disposal information is included.
Partial table of contents:

Asymmetric Hydrogenation of 3-OXO Carboxylates Using BinaprutheniumComplexes: (R)-(-)-Methyl 3-Hydroxybutanoate (M. Kitamura, etal.).

Direct Degradation of the Biopolymer Poly [(R)-3-HydroxybutyricAcid] to (R)-3-Hydroxybutanoic Acid and Its Methyl Ester (D.Seebach, et al.).

3-(S)-[(tert-Butyldiphenylsilyl)-Oxy]-2-Butanone (L. Overman &G. Rishton).

Schwartz's Reagent (S. Buchwald, et al.).

4-Methoxy-4'-Nitrobiphenyl (J. Stille, et al.).

Ubiquinone-1 (Y. Naruta & K. Maruyama).

Benzoannelation of Ketones: 3,4-Cyclododeceno-1-Methylbenzene (M.Tius & G. Kannangara).

2-Methylene-1, 3-Dithiolane (K. Dahnke & L. Paquette).

Methoxycarbonylmethylation of Aldehydes Via Siloxycyclopropanes:Methyl 3,3-Dimethyl-4-Oxobutanoate (H.-U.

Reissig, et al.).

9-Bromo-9-Phenylfluorene (T. Jamison, et al.).