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Organic Syntheses, Volume 72

Organic Syntheses, Volume 72

David L. Coffen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-30727-3

Nov 1994

368 pages

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A collection of synthetic methods, reagents and compounds appearing at the leading edge of organic chemical research. This volume contains 32 checked and edited procedures addressing some of the most significant new techniques and chemical entities to emerge in recent years. Commences with nine procedures whose principle affinity lies in the use of naturally derived starting materials to produce important chiral intermediates in enantiomerically pure form. Four methods are based on current advances in catalysis; three provide useful synthetic intermediates; eight procedures highlight practical developments in organometallic chemistry; organic fluorine compounds and methods for their preparation are covered in four procedures; and processes for four important organophosphorus and organosulfur compounds conclude the volume.
Partial table of contents:

L-(S)-Glyceraldehyde Acetonide (C. Hubschwerlen & J.-L.


D-(R)-Glyceraldehyde Acetonide (C. Schmid & J. Bryant).

(R)-(+)-2-Hydroxy-1,2,2-Triphenylethyl Acetate (M. Braun, et al.).

(1R,5R)-(+)-Verbenone of High Optical Purity (M. Sivik, et al.).

Benzocyclobutenone by Flash Vacuum Pyrolysis (P. Schiess, et al.).

An Efficient Synthesis of Indole-2-Acetic Acid Methyl Esters (S. Modi, et al.).

7-Methoxyphthalide (X. Wang, et al.).

Phenylthioacetylene (P. Magriotis & J. Brown).


Unchecked Procedures.