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Organic Syntheses, Volume 82


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Organic Syntheses, Volume 82

Ed Grabowski (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-68256-1 November 2005 272 Pages

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Reflecting the increased pace of research and the many recent advances in organic chemistry, the Organic Syntheses series serves as a single source compendium of the most up-to-date procedures in use. Organic Syntheses consists of protocols for the synthesis of useful chemical compounds. For each protocol, safety warnings are presented along with detailed experimental descriptions for the preparation, purification, and identification of the compound. Additionally, special reaction conditions are detailed, along with the source of reagents, waste disposal information, a discussion of the results, references to the primary literature, and an appendix of nomenclature and registry numbers.

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Preparation of 1,4:5,8-Dimethano-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-Octahydro-9,10-Dimethaoxyanthracenium Hexachiloroantimonate(4+Sbcl6-): A Highly Robust Radical-Cation Salt.

Preparation of Optically Active (R,R)-Hydrobenzoin From Benxoin or Benzil.


Preparation of (S,S) -1,2--BIS(tert-Butylmethylphosphino)-Ethane ((S,S)-t-Bu-BISP) As a Rhodium Complex.

Preparation of Hexakis(4-Bromophenyl)Benzene (HBB).

An Efficient, Highly Diastereo- And Enantioselective Hetero-Diels-Alder Catalyst. Preparation of (2S, 6R)-6-(tert-Butyldimethylsilyloxymethyl)-2-Methoxy-2,5-Diyhdropyran.

Lipase-Catalyzed Resolution of 4-Trimethylsilyl-3-Butyn-2-OL and Conversion of the (R)-Enantiomer To (R)-3-Butyn-2-Yl Mesylate and ({)-1-tributylstannyl-1,2-Butadiene.

Iridium-Catalyzed Synthesis of Vinyl Ethers from Alcohols and Vinyl Acetate.

1-(tert-Butyliminomethyl)-1,3-Dimethylurea Hydrochloride.

Ortho-Formylation of Phenols: Preparation of 3-Bromosalicylaldehyde.

Preparation of 1-Methoxy-2-(4-Methoxyphenoxy)Benzene.

D-Ribonolactone and 2,3-Isopropylidene-(D-Ribonolactone)

Preparation of 4-Acetylamino-2,2,6,6-Tetramethyl-Piperidine-1-Oxoammonium Tetrafluoroborate, and the Oxidation of Geraniol to Geranial.

(2S)-(-)-3exo-(Morpholino)Isoborneol [(-)-MIB].

Conversion of Arylalkylketones Into Dichloroalkenes: 1-Chloro-4-(2,2-Dichloro-1-Methylvinyl)Benzene.



A Practical and Safe Preparation of 3,5-BIS-(Trifluoromethyl)Acetophenone.

Asymmetric Alcoholysis of Meso-Anhydrides Mediated By Alkaloids.

Iridium-Catalyzed C-HBorylation of Arenes and Heteroarenes: 1-Chloro-3-Iodo-5-(4,4,5,5-Tetramethyl-1,3,2,-Dioxaborolan-2-YL)Benzene and 2-(4,4,5,5-Tetramethyl-1,3,2-Dioxaborolan-2-YL)Indole.

Asymmetric Rearrangement of Allylic Trichloroacetimidates: Preparation of (s)-2,2,2-Trichloro-N-(1-Propylallyl)Acetamide.

Preparation of (Triphenylphosphoranylidene)-Ketene From (Methoxycarbonylmethylene)-Triphenylphosphorane.

Preparation of [1-(Methoxymethylcarbamoyl)-Aethyl]Phosphonic Acid BIS(2,2,2-Trifluoroethyl)Ester: A Useful Intermediate in the Synthesis of Z-Unsaturated N-Methoxy-N-Methylamides.


Preparation of 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate.

Catalytic Asymmetric Acyl Halide-Aldehyde Cyclocondensation reaction.

Alkyne via Solid-Liquid Phase-Transfer Catalyzed Dehydrohalogenation: Acetylene Dicarboxaldehyde Tetramethyl Acetal and Acetylene Dicarboxaldeyde Dimethyl Acetal.

Catalytic reduction of Amides to Amines with Hydrosilanes Using a Tributhenium Carbonyl Cluster as the Catalyst.