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Organic Synthesis: A Toolbox and Workbook for Students

Organic Synthesis: A Toolbox and Workbook for Students

Jürgen Seibel, Julian Görl, Michael Kraus

ISBN: 978-3-527-80773-4

Jun 2020

382 pages

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An extraordinary workbook for master students allowing them to practice retrosynthesis and synthetic organic chemistry on a sophisticated level.
The text cleverly combines a compact toolbox section with a problem section, the former including short remarks, discussions of reaction mechanisms and a concise overview of the most important modern synthetic methods. The problem section then presents examples of recent literature in natural product total synthesis with synthetic schemes to be completed by students, along with helpful hints and the complete solutions for effective self-monitoring. Instructional mechanisms and key intermediates are discussed, along with the choice of reagents and retrosynthetic considerations, in line with the didactic approach, while cross-references to related synthetic problems and methods are also given. The bonus material includes ambitious, but highly educational reactions.
Prepares students to tackle the challenging topics of retrosynthesis and proper organic reaction mechanisms.
Protecting groups
Oxidation reactions (DMP, Swern, DCC, TPAP)
Reduction reactions
Carbon acid activation and C=O substitution
Essentials of C=O chemistry
Transition Metal catalysis
Stereoselective carbonyl chemistry
Addition to C=C bonds
Introduction/Formation of C=C bonds
Introduction/Formation of C=C (Seyferth, Corey-Fuchs)
Pericyclic Reactions
Ene reactions
Defunctionalisation reactions
Rearrangement reactions
Introduction of hetero-atoms
Multi-component reactions (Ugi, Strecker, Petasis)

Selected instructive examples in total synthesis