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Organic Synthesis Highlights III

Organic Synthesis Highlights III

Johann Mulzer (Editor), Herbert Waldmann (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-62051-7

Jul 2008

459 pages

Select type: E-Book



A collection of articles on various topics of organic synthesis -- short, precise and topical, written by leading experts in their fields. Organic synthesis is a core subject in organic chemistry, and volumes I and II have been very successful.

The topics reflect modern and up-to-date problems and research areas in organic synthesis. Readers will learn about the key synthetic strategies that are important in their daily work. A large number of references is included for each article, making the primary literature easily accessible.

This is a 'must-have' book for any organic chemist, organometallic chemist, natural product chemist or graduate student.
New Methods and Reagents for Organic Synthesis
Asymmetric Synthesis
Organometallic Reagents
Biological and Biomimetic Methods
General Methods and Reagents
Applications in Total Synthesis
General Synthesis of Natural and Non-natural Products with Interesting Structures and Properties
Specific Natural Products