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Organic Synthesis Workbook III



Organic Synthesis Workbook III


Based on recent successful natural products syntheses, the Organic Synthesis Workbooks series provides a clearly structured, well explained step-by-step guide to train modern reactions of organic synthesis, thereby combining fundamentals with latest advances in synthetic chemistry.
The exceptional, didactical unique problem/solution style makes it a valuable must for any interested organic chemist. Each problem is clearly divided into key reactions and detailed explanations with rapid cross-references providing substantial assistance in solving synthetic problems.

About the Previous Volume:

"The brevity and clarity of style, and the clear layout all contribute to ready assimilation. Mechanims are provided in a way that leads to a clear understanding of the major principles. Any organic postgraduate student can gain much from this book, and should own a copy."
C. M. Marson, University College London, in:
Applied Organometallic Chemistry
Foreword by Matthias Beller

Myriaporone 4
Ningalin D
Vitamin E
(+)-Cyanthiwigin U
Cystothiazole B
  • MARKET: The book is aimed mainly at advanced students and lecturers.
  • TWO SUCCESSFUL COMPANIONS: Organic Synthesis Workbooks I and II sold very well. 
  •  STRUCTURE OF THE BOOK: The problem/solution style helps both in the training of synthetic methods and provides explanations for the used reaction type.
  • RELEVANCE OF CONTENTS: All examples are taken from actual laboratory practice
  • TOPIC: Knowledge about organic synthesis is urgently needed for several examinations at university and throughout the thesis in organic chemistry.