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Organic Synthesis Workbook


From the Foreword written by Erick M. Carreira:

"... The Organic Synthesis Workbook is an ideal compilation of state-of-the art modern syntheses which wonderfully showcases the latest advances in synthetic chemistry in combination with fundamentals in a question-and-answer format. The structure of the book is such that the reader can appreciate the intricacies of strategic planning, reagent tailoring, and structural analysis within the context of the individual synthetic targets. In providing highlights of synthesis from a wider range of natural products classes (alkaloids, terpenes, macrolides) the reader is given a tour through a broad range of reaction chemistry and concepts. Moreover, because in its scope the authors have ignored international borders, the book effectively parlays the global aspect of current research in the exciting field of organic synthesis...

The Organic Synthesis Workbook promises to be to the current generation of graduate students, and even "students-for-life", what Ireland's and Alonso's books were to those of us who were graduate students in the 80's [Alsono: The Art of Problem Solving in Organic Chemistry, Ireland: Organic Synthesis]. The authors have wonderfully captured the thrill, the enjoyment, and the intellectual rigor that is so characteristic of modern synthetic organic chemistry."
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"...succeeds admirably in explaining in context many important principles of contemporary organic synthesis. This book is reasonably priced and I recommend Organic Synthesis Workbook to you highly." Applied Organometallicchemisty