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Organisation Structures and Processes: An Active Learning Approach

Organisation Structures and Processes: An Active Learning Approach

The Open Learning Foundation

ISBN: 978-0-631-19667-9 February 1996 Wiley-Blackwell 300 Pages


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Organisational Structures and Processes provides a framework for students to examine the varied and dynamic nature of organization's structures and internal relations. The workbook looks at:
  • The identification, evaluation and designing of organizational structures
  • Communications in organizations
  • Identifying and changing organizational culture

Section I: Identifying Structures.

1. Nature of organisations.

2. Designing an organisation's structure.

Section II: Changing Structures.

1. Organisational structures.

2. Organisational change and its management.

Section III: Communicating in Organisations.

1. Communication systems.

2. Communication and the organisation.

Section IV: Identifying and Changing Organisational Culture.

1. Organisational culture.

2. Culture in action.

3. Culture and change.

Section V: Resources.

  • Each of the workbooks is written at a level appropriate for a BTEC Higher National core module, and is directly linked to the new learning outcomes of the fully revised BTEC syllabus
  • The materials have been designed to permit a paced progression through each module allowing for the individual learning style of each student, and delivering approximately 80 hours of fully supported learning
  • Exercises and self-assessment techniques will regularly test the student's knowledge and case studies are built into the workbooks
  • Comprehensive instruction is available for lecturers explaining how to integrate the material into existing or new courses
  • All the materials are highly developed after intense review by panels of lecturers and student focus groups.