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Organizational Effectiveness: The Role of Psychology



Organizational Effectiveness: The Role of Psychology

Ivan T. Robertson (Editor), Militza Callinan (Editor), Dave Bartram (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-86759-4 October 2003 304 Pages


Organizational Effectiveness: The Role of Psychology examines psychological approaches in organizations, not from the more common perspective of their impact on individuals, but in relation to how the work of psychologists impacts on the overall effectiveness of the organization.

It also provides a critical review of what psychology has to offer; the way psychologists choose the problems they address, work with others, and evaluate and demonstrate the impact they have.

Robertson, Callinan and Bartram have brought together leading researchers and practitioners in work and organizational psychology. Each chapter provides a review of current knowledge, practice, issues and future directions in their own area of expertise, with a focus on contributions and implications for organizational functioning and the wider arena of managerial thinking.

This book is for anyone interested in understanding the complex relations between individual, group and organisational performance and effectiveness. It is a valuable and challenging resource for advanced students and practitioners of occupational psychology, organizational behaviour, HRM, and psychological consultancy in organizations.
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Introduction: A Framework for Examining Organizational Effectiveness (D. Bartram et al.)

Part 1

Psychology and Organizational Effectiveness (P. Sparrow and M. West)

The Role of Psychologists in Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness (G.P. Hodgkinson and P. Herriot)

Maximizing and Maintaining the Impact of Psychological Interventions (M. Dalgeish and R. Jacobs)

Part II

Recruitment, Personnel Selection and Organizational Effectiveness (K.R. Murphy and D. Bartram)

Training and Organizational Effectiveness (P. Tharenou and E. Burke)

Performance Management and Organizational Effectiveness (R. Williams and C. Fletcher)

Maintaining and Enhancing Motivation as a Contribution to Organizational Effectiveness (J. Arnold and W. Schoonman)

Culture and Organizational Effectiveness (S. Cartwright and H. Baron)

Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (B. Alimo-Metcalfe and G. Nyfield)

Competency and Individual Performance: Modelling the World of Work (R. Kurz and D. Bartram)

Part III

Organizational Effectiveness: The Contribution of Work and Organizational Psychology (M. Callinan et al.)

"…Likely to be very useful…" (The Occupational Psychologist, December 2002)