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Organosilicon Chemistry III: From Molecules to Materials

Organosilicon Chemistry III: From Molecules to Materials

Norbert Auner (Editor), Johann Weis (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61990-0 April 2008 742 Pages


Organosilicon Chemistry at its best ...((kursiv))

Like its two hugely successful predecessors, the third volume again presents the latest developments in a rapidly developing field of industsrial and academic research.

The contributions from approx. 80 internationally renowned experts and researchers in this fascinating part of the rapidly growing field of main group chemistry describe current trends in organosilicon chemistry and provide summaries of the latest (1997!) knowledge in this area.

To facilitate access to the ongoing research this volume is split into two parts, each with a comprehensive introduction:

Part 1: Fascinating Organosilicon Compounds

Part 2: Silicon Based Materials


I Fascinating Organosilicon Compounds

- The Thermal Isomerization of Olefins to Carbenes
- Cycloaddition Reactions
- A Thermally Stable Silylene
- The First Stable Unsymmetrical Silylene
- A New Route to Silaheterocycles
- Oxidation of Silenes and Silylenes
- Cycloaddition Reactions
- Catalytic Carbon-Carbon Hydrogenation of Silicon-Functionalized Olefins
- Iminosilanes and Silaamidides
- Metastable Compounds
- Supersilylmetal Compounds
- Trialkylsilyldiazomethane Derivatives
- A New Route to Silaheterocycles
- Amino-Substituted Disilanes by Reductive Coupling
- New Transition Metal Substituted Oligosilanes
- Inter- and Intramolecular Oxidative Addition of Si-H Bonds
- Supersilylated Bromodisilanes
- Selective Hydrogenation of Methylchlorooligosilanes
- Electrochemical Formation of Cyclosilanes
- Reactions of Hydridosilylamides
- Some Surprising Chemistry of Sterically Hindered Silanols
- Reaction Behaviour of Hypervalent Silanes
- Ligand Exchange Mechanism in Novel Hexacoordinate Silicon Complexes
- Phoshine Coordination to Silicon Revisited

II Silicon Based Materials

- Introduction
- The Direct Process to Methylchlorosilanes
- On the Acid- and Base-Catalyzed Reactions of Silanediols and Siloxanediols in Water
- Carbohydrate-Modified Siloxane Surfactants
- Synthesis and Application of Alkoxysilanes
- Organosilicon Compounds for Stone Impregnation
- Studies on the Regioselectivity of the Hydroformylation with Alkenylalkoxysilanes
- Novel Precursors for Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials
- Cyclic Liquid Crystalline Siloxanes
- Cationic Photoimitators for Curing Epocy-Modified Silicones
- Precursors for Silicon-Alloyed Carbon Fibers
- From Organosilicon Compounds to Bulk Silicon
- Novel Aspects of the Chemical Modification of Silica Surface
- Microporous Thermal Insulation
- Nitridosilicates