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Organosilicon Chemistry V: From Molecules to Materials

Organosilicon Chemistry V: From Molecules to Materials

Norbert Auner (Editor), Johann Weis (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61992-4

May 2008

855 pages

Select type: O-Book


Never change a winning team.

The fifth volume in this renowned series retains the established and successful concept: Leading experts from academia and industry present a comprehensive and detailed overview of the latest results in organosilicon chemistry.

- Synthesis and characterization of new organosilicon compounds
- Applications in polymer and materials science
- Summary of the latest research results

The result is a unique collection of first-hand information, vital for every expert working in this field.
Introduction (N. Auner & J. Weis).

Reactions of Silicon Atoms—An Access to Unusual Molecules (G. Maier, et al.).

Reactions of Silicon Atoms with Methane and Silane in Solid Argon: A Matrix Spectroscopic Study (H, Reisenauer, et al.).

Cryogenic Trapping Reactions of Silicon Atoms: New Insights into the Photochemistry of Complexes of Silicon Atoms with Donor Molecules (J. Glatthaar, et al.).

New Reactions of Stable Silylenes (R. West, et al.).

Insertion Reactions of the Stable Silylene Si[(NCH2tBu)2C6H4-1,2] (F. Antolini, et al.). 

A Model System for the Generation of Silyl Cationic Species of Different Reactivity and Stability (T. Müller).

Synthesis and Chemistry of Some Bridged Silicocations (P. Lickiss, et al.).

New Donor-Stabilized Organosilicon Cations: Synthesis, Structure and Reactivity (A. Bockholt, et al.).

Novel Pentacoordinate Siliconium Comlpexes Stabilized by Oxygen and Nitrogen Donors: Highly Sensitive and Unusual Equilibrium Between Ionic Penta- and Neutral Hexacoodinate Compounds (D. Kost, et al.).

Binuclear Ethylene-Bridged Silicon Chelates: Equilibrium Between Neutral Hexacoordinate and Ionic Pentacoordinate Siliconium Complexes (I. Kalikhman, et al.).

Bonding in Silicon Compounds—Long-Range Si/N Interactions in Organosilicon Molecules Cations (H. Bock).

Thermolytic Formation and Trapping of Silenes Strongly Influenced by Reversed Polarization (H. Ottosson, et al.).


"...the book provides readers with the opportunity to get a good overview of current research on silicon chemistry."

Gerald Linti, Anorganisch-Chemisches Institut, Universität Heidelberg
Angewandte Chemie + IE 2004-43/21

Abstract in:

Journal of the American Chemistry Society, 2004, Vol. 126, No. 20