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Organotin Chemistry, 2nd, Completely Revised and Updated Edition



Organotin Chemistry, 2nd, Completely Revised and Updated Edition

Alwyn G. Davies

ISBN: 978-3-527-60631-3 March 2006 438 Pages


At long last: The second, completely revised edition of this comprehensive standard reference.
Alwyn G. Davies has updated the contents of his book to reflect the current state of research into organotin chemistry. He covers all aspects in detail, such as its synthesis, characterization, structures and applications, while also devoting space to such hot topics as environmental issues.
This new edition also includes a CD-ROM with more than 5,000 references, making this database an invaluable tool for everyone working in the field.

"The text is well written, extremely accessible and very comprehensive: particularly impressive is the inclusion of up-to-the-minute references in these areas...."
- Advanced Materials, 13 (1998)

"The standard of production is very good, with well-structured tables and an abundance of clear formula schemas, which enable the reader to quickly grasp the essence of the text."
- Angewandte Chemie 16, 1997
1 Introduction

2 Physical Methods and Physical Data

3 The Stannyl Group as a Substituent

4 Formation of the Carbon-Tin Bond

5 Alkylstannanes

6 Functionally-substituted Alkylstannanes

7 Aryl- and Heteroaryl-stannanes

8 Alkenyl- and Alkynyl-stannanes, and Stannacyclopentadienes

9 Allyl-, Allenyl-, Propargyl, and Cyclopentadienyl-stannanes

10 Stannacycloalkanes

11 Organotin Halides

12 Organotin Hydroxides and Oxides

13 Organotin Carboxylates and Other Oxyesters

14 Organotin Alkoxides, Phenoxides, and Peroxides

15 Organotin Hydrides

16 Compounds with Sn-N Bonds

17 Compounds with Sn-S Bonds

18 Compounds with Sn-Sn Bonds

19 Compounds with Tin-metal Bonds

20 Organotin Radicals and Radical Ions

21 Stannylenes, Distannenes, and Stannenes

22 Organic Synthesis: Tin/Lithium Transmetallation, the Stille Reaction, and the Removal of Tin Residues

23 Applications, Environmental Issues, and Analysis
"This monograph gives an impressive overview, which concentrates mainly on the preparative aspects of organotin chemistry... One must also mention the well-structured tables and the abundance of clear formula schemes. Which enable the reader to quickly grasp the essence of each chapter."
Manfred Weidenbruch
Angewandte Chemie - IE

"Completely rewritten in order to reflect the developments that have characterized these specific areas."

Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Vol 18 No. 9 September 2004