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Outside Adventure Travel: Trekking

Outside Adventure Travel: Trekking

David Noland

ISBN: 978-0-393-32072-5

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224 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Follow in the footsteps of early twentieth-century explorers on twenty treks spanning six continents that range from Everest Base Camp to a pilgrimage across the Pyrenees. They include: the mysterious Ruwenzori mountains in the heart of Africa; five classic Himalayan tours, including the Annapurna Circuit and seldom-visited Snow Lake; an adventure to the Tekes River Valley in central Asia, country rarely seen by Westerners since the Soviets sealed off the region in the 1920s; sunset from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, the highest point in Africa; a hut-to-hut trek in Italy? storied Dolomites; and a llama trek through the surreal redrock desert canyons of southern Utah? Escalante. The first three Outside Adventure Travel Guides describe the planet? finest trekking, sea kayaking, and mountain biking destinations. Each is an invitation to join a seasoned traveler and sports enthusiast as he walks, paddles, or pedals his way from continent to continent in a worldwide quest for the best. A search for isolated places where sunrise and sunset still count, and every hour between is spent outdoors. Outside Adventure Travel Guides are travelogues to the world of adventure sports written, designed, and illustrated to inspire readers to take the first steps toward an active vacation of exploration. The authors rate each expedition in terms of its difficulty, required skills, comfort, and cost. Specific routes are described in detail, as are reliable tour operators, outfitters, and local guides. Vital statistics and maps to each trip are provided, along with total trip time including airline, bus, and Jeep conveyance to remote jumping-off points. Best seasons to visit are given, including prime off-season months in which to avoid an overabundance of like-minded adventurers. Whether readers are looking for top-flight outfitters or want to outfit themselves, whether they?e on a budget or on a binge, Outside Adventure Travel Guides will inspire them to get underway.