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Over the Horizon: Planning Products Today for Success Tomorrow

Over the Horizon: Planning Products Today for Success Tomorrow

Bill Hollins, Gillian Hollins

ISBN: 978-0-471-98717-8 August 1999 268 Pages


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Much strategic guidance that is currently available on product and service development is still focused in the relatively short term. Companies must plan and be flexible if they are to survive and flourish in the future, but too many surrender to the necessity for a short-term healthy bottom-line in order to satisfy their shareholders. In order to satisfy and retain customer-base, organizations should not only ensure that their products and services available now are the best around, but that they will also be the best in the future. This is particularly important as product life cycles contract and organisations need to introduce replacement products and services at a faster and faster rate. The globalizing economy and advances in modern technology are also important factors. This book points that way to becoming more competitive and remaining competitive, ensuring a healthy and secure future. It will also help companies identify product and service failures, and eliminate them from the company's horizons.
Written in an engaging and thought-provoking way, this book seizes on a rapidly growing area of interest for practitioners and students alike. Although companies are being advised to look to, and plan for the long term, there is nothing currently available which provides real advice on what should be done now. The book takes a thoroughly practical approach by establishing a realistic set of guidelines to enable organizations to start to move and continue to move in the right direction. This is supported by a wealth of tools and techniques on how to implement what has been proposed.
Time Frame One -
Survival in The Present
The Organisation
Tools and Techniques in this Time Frame
Time Frame Two -
New Products and Services
Organisational Issues
Tools and Techniques in this Time Frame
New Product Failure and How to Avoid Them in Your Organisation
The Start
Specifications and Subspecifications -
The Control for New Products and Services
How Do You Justify the Project to the Accountant?
Time Frame Three -
New Products and Services and Innovations
Innovation -
Tools and Techniques
Time Frame Four -
Part I New Products and Services over the Horizon
A System Rather Than a Process
The Effect of New Technology
Idea Generation for the Future
Time Frame Four -
Part II The Process
How to Find the Future