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Oxidation of Intermetallics

Oxidation of Intermetallics

Hans Jürgen Grabke (Editor), Michael Schütze (Editor)

ISBN: 978-3-527-61240-6 July 2008 366 Pages




Over the last ten years vast efforts were made in the research and development of intermetallic compounds to attain improved high temperature strength and low temperature ductility. These new structural materials are used in several high-temperature applications like engines and turbines. Oxidation and corrosion resistance are as important for the current applications of these materials as mechanical properties.

This book gives a sound review of the present knowledge of the oxidation kinetics and mechanisms of intermetallics. Especially Ti-, Ni- and Fe-aluminides are treated in detail by experts from Europe, USA and Japan. The information provided will be of wealth for any engineer and scientist- materials scientist, physicist or chemist - involved in the development of new intermetallic materials and their applications.
State of intermetallics development
Research on oxidation and embrittlement of intermetallic compounds in the U.S.
Oxidation of intermetallics -
Japanese activity
Oxidation of ß-NiAl
Oxidation of ß-FeAl and Fe-Al alloys
Sulfidation behavior of nickel aluminides
High temperature corrosion of FeAl and Fe-Al-Cr alloys
Oxidation-sulphidation of iron-aluminides
Corrosion of NiAl in molten carbonate
Oxidation of TiAl
Protection of titanium aluminides by FeCrAlY coatings
Hot salt corrosion of titanium aluminides