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Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Protection: The Science of Free Radical Biology and Disease

Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Protection: The Science of Free Radical Biology and Disease

Donald Armstrong (Editor), Robert D. Stratton (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-83243-1

Jan 2016

600 pages


Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Protection: The Science of Free Radical Biology and< Disease provides an overview of the basic principles of free radical formation. The text delves into free radical formation in molecular biology and its effect on subcellular damage, as well as the role of antioxidant reserves as a protective mechanism.

Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Protection begins with a historical perspective of pioneers in oxidative stress with an introductory section that explains the basic principles related to oxidative stress in biochemistry and molecular biology, demonstrating both pathways and biomarkers. This section also covers diagnostic imaging and differential diagnostics. The following section covers psychological, physiologic, pharmacologic and pathologic correlates. This section addresses inheritance, gender, nutrition, obesity, family history, behavior modification, natural herbal-botanical products, and supplementation in the treatment of disease. Clinical trials are also summarized for major medical disorders and efficacy of treatment, with particular focus on inflammation, immune response, recycling, disease progression, outcomes and interventions. Each of the chapters describes what biomarker(s) and physiological functions may be relevant to a concept of specific disease and potential alternative therapy. The chapters cover medical terminology, developmental change, effects of aging, senescence, lifespan, and wound healing, and also illustrates cross-over exposure to other fields. The final chapter covers how and when to interpret appropriate data used in entry level biostatistics and epidemiology.

Authored and edited by leaders in the field, Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Protection will be an invaluable resource for students and researchers studying cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry, as well professionals in various health science fields.

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Foreword xv

Preface xvii

Section 1: Introduction

1 Introduction to Free Radicals, Inflammation, and Recycling 3
Donald Armstrong

2 Diagnostic Imaging and Differential Diagnosis 11
Robert D. Stratton

Section 2: Clinical Correlations on Acute and Chronic Diseases

3 Free Radicals: Their Role in Brain Function and Dysfunction 23
Natan Gadoth

4 Mediators of Neuroinflammation 39
Rajiv Tikamdas, Ping Zhang, and Bin Liu

5 Oxidative and Nitrative Stress in Schizophrenia 57
Anna Dietrich-Muszalska

6 The Effects of Hypoxia, Hyperoxia, and Oxygen Fluctuations on Oxidative Signaling in the Preterm Infant and on Retinopathy of Prematurity 77
M. Elizabeth Hartnett

7 Oxidative Damage in the Retina 93
Robert D. Stratton

8 The Role of Oxidative Stress in Hearing Loss 115
Colleen G. Le Prell and Josef M. Miller

9 Disorders of Children 133
Hirokazu Tsukahara and Masato Yashiro

10 Oxidative Stress in Oral Cavity: Interplay between Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants in Health, Inflammation, and Cancer 155
Maurizio Battino, Maria Greabu and Bogdan Calenic

11 Oxidative Stress and the Skin 167
Christina L. Mitchell

12 Oxidative Stress in Osteoarticular Diseases 183
María José Alcaraz, Sergio Portal-Núñez, Juan A. Ardura and Pedro Esbrit

13 Gene Therapy to Reduce Joint Inflammation in Horses 193
Patrick Colahan, Rachael Watson, and Steve Ghivizzani

14 Muscle and Oxidative Stress 205
Reza Ghiasvand and Mitra Hariri

15 Role of Oxidants and Antioxidants in Male Reproduction 221
Ashok Agarwal, Hanna Tadros, Aaron Panicker and Eva Tvrdá

16 Role of Oxidants and Antioxidants in Female Reproduction 253
Ashok Agarwal, Hanna Tadros and Eva Tvrdá

17 Reactive Oxygen Species, Oxidative Stress, and Cardiovascular Diseases 281
Fatemeh Sharifpanah and Heinrich Sauer

18 Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Imbalance: Respiratory Disorders 307
Surinder K. Jindal

19 Oxidative Stress and Type 1 Diabetes 319
Chao Liu, Clayton E. Mathews, and Jing Chen

20 Metabolic Syndrome, Inflammation, and Reactive Oxygen Species in Children and Adults, 329
William E. Winter and Janet H. Silverstein

21 Oxidative Stress in Chronic Pancreatitis 339
Shweta Singh and Bechan Sharma

22 Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Physiology: Oxidative Damage and Antioxidant Imbalance 347
James R. Wilcox and D. Scott Covington

23 Radiobiology and Radiotherapy 357
Justin Wray and Judith Lightsey

24 Chemotherapy-Mediated Pain and Peripheral Neuropathy: Impact of Oxidative Stress and Inflammation 367
Hassan A.N. El-Fawal, Robert Rembisz, Ryyan Alobaidi, and Shaker A. Mousa

25 Grape Polyphenol-rich Products with Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Properties 389
Eduarda Fernandes, Marisa Freitas, Renan C. Chisté, Elena Falqué, and Herminia Domínguez

26 Isotonic Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins 403
Hanbo Hu and Donald Armstrong

27 Superoxide Dismutase Mimics and Other Redox-active Therapeutics 415
Ines Batinic-Haberle and Artak Tovmasyan

28 Herbal Medicine: Past, Present, and Future with Emphasis on the Use of Some Common Species 471
Aneela Afzal and Mohammad Afzal

29 Ayurvedic Perspective on Oxidative Stress Management 483
Priyanka M. Jadhav

30 Clinical Trials and Antioxidant Outcomes 493
Carlos Palacio and Arshag D. Mooradian

31 Statistical Approaches to Make Decisions in Clinical Experiments 507
Albert Vexler and Xiwei Chen

Index 561