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PSpice for Linear Circuits (uses PSpice version 15.7), 2nd Edition

PSpice for Linear Circuits (uses PSpice version 15.7), 2nd Edition

James A. Svoboda

ISBN: 978-0-471-78146-2

Jun 2007

154 pages

Select type: Paperback

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PSpice and Orcad Capture are computer programs that simulate electric circuits. PSpice for Linear Circuits, Second Edition provides an introduction to these programs and describes ways in which they can be profitably used in an introductory course on electric circuits. This manual is written specifically for beginning students, and gives step-by-step instructions for using PSpice and Orcad Capture to analyze ac and dc circuits, circuits in the time domain to determine the complete response, and circuits in the frequency domain to determine the frequency response.

Each copy of the manual contains a CD with the Orcad 15.7 Demo Software that includes PSpice, Capture, Capture CIS and Layout.

1.Getting Started with PSpice     

2. Analysis of DC Circuits

3. Variable DC Circuits   

4. Time Domain Analysis    

5. Analysis of AC Circuits

6. Frequency Response      

7. Fourier Series


The 2nd edition uses the most recent version of the Orcad Demo Software, version 10.5
This manual provides step-by-step instruction for using PSpice and Orcad Capture.
  • anaylze ac/dc circuits
  • analyze circuits in the time and frequency domains