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Paediatric Audiology 0 - 5 YEARS, 3rd Edition

Paediatric Audiology 0 - 5 YEARS, 3rd Edition

Barry McCormick

ISBN: 978-1-861-56217-3

Dec 2003

520 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This book has retained its popularity through two editions since 1988 and this third edition should not disappoint readers who need to refresh their practical skills in paediatric audiology. The first two editions were intended as practical guides and this revised and expanded text maintains this theme. The appearance of this new volume is very timely bearing in mind recent scientific advances in the field and the contents should appeal to both experienced practitioners and to students. Contributions are presented from a wide range of scientific and medical personnel working in paediatric audiology all with their particular views and specialisations.

Epidemiological Perspective.

Otological Considerations.

Otitis Media.

Behavioural Hearing Tests.

Visual Reinforcement Audiometry.

Pure-tone Audiometry.

Electric Response Audiometry.

Otoacoustic Emissions.

The Middle ear.

Hearing aid Systems.

Hearing aid Selection and Evaluation .

Cochlear Implants.