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Paediatric Radiography

Maryann Hardy, Stephen Boynes

ISBN: 978-0-632-05631-6 June 2003 Wiley-Blackwell 224 Pages


Radiography is an integral part of paediatric health care. It is frequently requested to assist in the diagnosis, management and treatment of childhood disease and illness. Accurate interpretation of paediatric radiographs can depend entirely on the quality of images produced by the radiographer, yet there are few books available on this crucial aspect of radiographic practice.

Paediatric Radiography fills a gap. It explores radiographic practice within the context of the modern health service and focuses on how our knowledge and understanding of paediatric growth, development and illness can inform and influence radiographic procedures. It includes detailed coverage of specific paediatric techniques and good practice models, including the role of multi-modality imaging, and looks specifically at radiation protection, the chest and upper airways, the abdomen, neonatal radiography, trauma, orthopaedics, and non-accidental injury.

1. Understanding childhood; 2. Consent, immobilisation and health care law; 3. Radiation protection; 4. The chest and upper respiratory tract; 5. The abdomen; 6. Neonates; 7. Paediatric skeletal trauma; 8. Orthopaedics; 9. Non-accidental injury

  • Highly illustrated with over 100 radiographs
  • A reference tool for students and practitioners alike
  • Draws together a range of literature from other health professions
  • Provides essential assistance for radiographers working with children within imaging departments