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Paediatrics, 9th Edition



Paediatrics, 9th Edition

Simon J. Newell, Jonathan C. Darling

ISBN: 978-1-118-81449-9 January 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 336 Pages

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Paediatrics Lecture Notes provides the information central to a thorough understanding of the care of children in clinical practice, drawing out key concepts in areas such as examination, communication and emergency paediatrics, in addition to systematically structured clinical topics.

Incorporating brand new and updated material to reflect advances in various areas of child and adolescent health, such as genetics, behavioural and emotional problems and seizures, this edition is also ideal for exam preparation.

Key learning features include:
• Ready-made revision lists, OSCE stations and practice EMQs
• New ‘icon’ system highlighting essential clinical topics throughout
• Helpful key points and treatment boxes in every chapter
• A new ‘Symptom Sorter’, available at, to help quickly determine which conditions should feature in your differential diagnoses

An ideal resource for those encountering this area of study for the first time, on paediatric rotation, or needing to refresh their knowledge, Paediatrics Lecture Notes presents the vital information in one accessible and user friendly volume.

OSCE stations, vi

Preface, vii

Acknowledgements, viii

Further reading, ix

How to use your textbook, x

About the companion website, xvi

Part 1 Essentials of paediatrics

1 Children and their health, 2

2 Parents and children: listening and talking, 16

3 Examination of children, 25

4 Emergency paediatrics, 40

Part 2 Normal and abnormal in childhood: growth, development, behaviour and prevention

5 Genetics, 51

6 Fetal medicine, 58

7 Birth and the newborn infant, 62

8 Disorders of the newborn, 71

9 Child development and how to assess it, 81

10 Learning problems, 89

11 Emotional and behavioural problems, 99

12 Nutrition, 109

13 Abnormal growth and sex development, 118

14 Immunization and infections, 124

15 Accidents and non-accidents, 139

16 Adolescent health, 149

Part 3 Systems and specialties

17 Neurology, 156

18 Ear, nose and throat, 172

19 Respiratory medicine, 177

20 Cardiology, 191

21 Gastroenterology, 204

22 Urinary Tract and Genitalia, 220

23 Bones and joints, 234

24 Skin, 242

25 Haematology, 250

26 Neoplasia, 256

27 Endocrine and metabolic disorders, 261

Part 4 After paediatrics

28 Preparing for clinical examinations in paediatrics and child health, 270

29 Safe prescribing, 279

30 Careers in paediatrics, 283


Extended matching questions, 285

Answers to extended matching questions, 301

Paediatric symptom sorter, 308

Index, 311

Symptom sorter table

You can download the "Symptom Sorter" by clicking the link on the right.

• Time-saving, easy to use, short textbook on paediatrics
• Ideal for five week paediatrics block: highlighted clinical topics and treatment boxes
• Take-home messages presented in key point boxes
• Prepare for exams with OSCE stations, ready made revision lists and practice EMQs