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Painless Evidence-Based Medicine

Painless Evidence-Based Medicine




This concise book presents evidence-based medicine to neophytes in simplified, friendly language. Basic concepts and application of research statistics are presented in simple sequences that are non-threatening even to the mathematically challenged. The authors emphasize two important aspects of appraisal: 1) how directly it provides an answer to the clinical problem at hand and 2) how well results can be generalized to various populations. Painless Evidence-Based Medicine:
  • Offers a simplified approach to the complex or technical subject of evidence-based medicine, in terms of presentation as well as content
  • Is truly designed for the world market place
  • Breaks the subject into succinct chapters, each chapter being a self sufficient introduction to the topic
  • Includes pre-tested ‘tackle boxes’ throughout to help readers understand the issues

Painless Evidence-Based Medicine is an invaluable resource for medical students, clinicians, clinical epidemiology practitioners, and everyone involved in health care.



List of Contributors.

1. Introduction.

2. Evaluation of Articles on Therapy.

3. Evaluation of Articles on Diagnosis.

4. Evaluation of Articles on Harm.

5. Evaluation of Articles on Prognosis.

6. Evaluation of Systematic Reviews.

7. Literature Searches.