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Paint Flow and Pigment Dispersion: A Rheological Approach to Coating and Ink Technology, 2nd Edition

Paint Flow and Pigment Dispersion: A Rheological Approach to Coating and Ink Technology, 2nd Edition

Temple C. Patton

ISBN: 978-0-471-03272-4 April 1979 656 Pages


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Presents researchers and engineers in the fields of coating (paints) and inks with a practical and comprehensive overview of rheological and related aspects of these two industries. This Second Edition contains new chapters on pigment/binder geometry, theoretical aspects of dispersion, and capillarity. Covers: viscosity and viscosity measurement, pigment/binder geometry and their application, critical pigment volume concentrations, surface tension phenomena, pigment dispersions and pigment disperants, solubility and interaction parameters, evaporation and volatility interaction, coating rheology, dispersion equipment, film applicators, mill base formulation and letdown, application rheology.

Viscometers: Theory and Reduction to Practice.

Interconversion of Viscosity Units.

Effect of Temperature, Binder (Polymer) Concentration, SolventViscosity, and Molecular Size on Viscosity.

Pigment/Binder Geometry.

Oil Absorption Values.

Critical Pigment Volume Concentration (CPVC).

Latex Critical Pigment Volume Concentration (LCPVC).

Surface Tension.

Work of Dispersion, Work of Transfer (Flushing), and Work ofFlocculation.


Theoretical Aspects of Pigment Dispersion Stability and PigmentFlocculation.

Interface Activity, Surfactants, and Dispersants.

Solubility and Interaction Parameters.

Volatility: Solvent and Water Evaporation.

Paint Flow Relationships (Coating Rheology).

Introduction to Pigment Grinding (Dispersion) into LiquidVehicles.

Roller Mills (Three-Roll Mill).

Ball and Pebble Mills.

Modified Ball Mills (Attritors and Vibration Mills).

Sand, Bead, and Shot Mills.

High-Speed Disk Disperser.

High-Speed Stone and Colloid Mills.

High-Speed Impingement Mills.

Assessment of Pigment Dispersion.

Mill Base Letdown.

Pigment Settling.


Sagging, Slumping, and Draining.

Film Applicators.

Floating, Flooding, Cratering, Foaming, and Spattering.