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Palladium Reagents and Catalysts: Innovations in Organic Synthesis



Palladium Reagents and Catalysts: Innovations in Organic Synthesis

Jiro Tsuji

ISBN: 978-0-471-97202-0 March 1997 574 Pages


Palladium Reagents and Catalysts Innovations in Organic Synthesis Jiro Tsuji Okayama University of Science, Okayama, Japan Palladium Reagents and Catalysts brings to synthetic organic chemists the many applications of organopalladium chemistry, highlighting the most recent discoveries in this rapidly expanding field. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of the development of many innovative synthetic methods, using palladium reagents either as catalysts or stoichiometric reagents. Palladium is the most versatile of the transition metals used in organic synthesis and knowledge of this rapidly expanding and challenging area is essential for all synthetic organic chemists. Palladium Reagents and Catalysts fulfils, systematically and efficiently, the urgent need for understanding the essence of organopalladium chemistry. Palladium Reagents and Catalysts presents:
* a complete coverage of nearly 35 years of organopalladium chemistry
* an in-depth treatment of many innovative synthetic methodologies
* rational classification of all reactions according to reaction mechanism
* a concise survey of the scope and limitations of organopalladium reagents
* extensive references to the primary literature
Providing comprehensive coverage of all important reactions of organopalladium reagents, Palladium Reagents and Catalysts demonstrates applications to organic synthesis, recommending possible future research. Industrial and research chemists working on synthetic methodologies and organometallic reactions as well as organic, natural product, pharmaceutical, organometallic and fine chemical synthesis, will find Palladium Reagents and Catalysts an essential reference source and indispensable research companion.
The Basic Chemistry of Organopalladium Compounds.

Classification of the Reactions Involving Pd(II) Compounds and Pd(0) Complexes in This Book.

Oxidative Reactions with Pd(II) Compounds.

Catalytic Reactions with Pd(0) and Pd(II).

Various Reactions Catalyzed by Pd(II) and Pd(0).