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David Evered (Editor), Sarah Clark (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-51331-6

Apr 2008

268 pages

Select type: E-Book



A multidisciplinary volume presenting recent research relating to papillomaviruses and their association with certain types of malignant lesions. Presents up-to-date findings on their classification and their molecular biology and cell-virus interactions, including mode of entry, modification of genetic material and pathogenecity; their relationship to various kinds of skin conditions; their association with cervical carcinoma and carcinomas of the bladder and alimenatry tract, with descriptions of in vitro studies; and finally, their immunology and possible therapeutic agents, e.g., interferon and vaccination. The only comprehensive text on the subject, it brings together the work of many of the most prominent researchers in the field.
Partial table of contents:

Classification of the Papillomaviruses (H. Pfister et al.).

Organization and Expression of the Genome of Bovine Papillomavirus Type I (U. Pettesson et al.).

Papillomavirus Transforming Functions (P. Howley et al.).

The bovine papillomavirus replicon (M. Botchan et al.).

General Discussion I: The E6 Protein.

Criteria for Establishing that a Virus is Oncogenic (L. Crawford).

Persistence and Expression of Human Papillomavirus DNA in Genital Cancer (L. Gissmann and E. Schwartz).

Papillomaviruses and interferon (E. Androphy).

General Discussion II: Epidemiological Trends and Legal Aspects; Sites, Types and Transmission of Infection; Immunosuppression and Infection.

Index of Contributors.

Subject Index.