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Parametric Geometric Modeling using Constraints

Parametric Geometric Modeling using Constraints

Dominique Michelucci, Pascal Schreck, Pascal Mathis

ISBN: 978-1-786-30037-9

Dec 2018, Wiley-ISTE

Select type: Hardcover


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Geometric constraints are present in many areas such as CAD, robotics, molecular modeling or geometry learning. Methods to resolve such constraints come from very different domains such as computer algebra systems, numerical analysis, graph theory, knowledge based systems and, obviously, geometry. This book shows how algorithm paradigms such as divide and conquer are used to decompose system of geometric constraints by using methods based on geometric properties.

Chapter 1 : what to do with geometric constraints

Chapter 2. The foundations of systems of geometric constraints

Chapter 3. What kind of geometry?

Chapter 4. The algebraic point of view

Chapter 5. Numerical methods

Chapter 6. Geometrical methods

Chapter 7. Decomposition of constraint systems

Chapter 8. Conclusion