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Parkinson's Disease: Theory and Practice for Nurses

Parkinson's Disease: Theory and Practice for Nurses

Lesley Swinn

ISBN: 978-1-861-56358-3

Dec 2004

220 pages

Select type: Paperback

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Parkinson's Disease is a common neurological condition which nurses need to be equipped to manage. The aim of this book is to provide nurses with a readable and succinct text that will help them to deliver evidence-based, patient-centred nursing care for patients and their families with Parkinson's disease. This book discusses the common difficulties that are encountered in patients' day-to-day lives and gives practical advice on how the nurse can help and support patients and their families.
Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease Lesley Swinn.

Diagnosing parkinson's Disease Peter Hagel and Lesley Swinn.

Drug Treatment of Parkinson's disease Jacqui Handley.

Motor Fluctuations Lesley Swinn.

Apomorphine Kirsten turner and Lesley Swinn.

Surgical Treatment for Parkinson's Disease Carole Joint and Lesley Swinn.

Bladder, Bowel and Sexual Function in Parkinson's disease Collette Haslam and Ranan Dasgupta.

Sleep and Parkinson's Disease Ellie Borrell.

Communication and Swallowing in Parkinson's Disease Gabrielle Irwin.

Affective Disorders in Parkinson's Disease Carolyn Noble.

Assessing The Needs of People With Parkinson's Disease Jacqui Handley.

Progressive Supranuclear palsy Tess Astbury and Maggie Rose.

Multiple System Atrophy Catherine Best.

Parkinson's Disease Society Barbara Cormie.

Parkinson's Disease Nurse specialist Association Karen Vernon.

Future Developments in Parkinson's disease. Peter Hagel.