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Parkinson Disease: A Health Policy Perspective

Parkinson Disease: A Health Policy Perspective


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Part of the successful Institute of Health Economics (IHE) book series, this handbook and ready reference adopts a unique approach in combining policy recommendations with specific treatment options for Parkinson patients.
The first part of the book deals with the clinical medical, social and economical aspects of Parkinson Disease. These ten chapters include the latest diagnosis and treatment options for patients, the economical consequences, social and ethical implications and end-of life issues. The second part of the book essentially covers a large-scale case study on Parkinson in Alberta, Canada, since most of the issues discussed are relevant in all developed countries.
With its strong focus on correct diagnosis and early intervention, this is an invaluable guide for clinicians and policymakers dealing with this devastating disease.
Summary and Policy Considerations (Martin, Suchowersky, Kovacs Burns, Jonsson)
Parkinson Disease (Williams)
Clinical Features of Parkinson Disease (Martin)
Current Approach to the Management of Parkinson Disease (Martin, Wieler)
Treatment of Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson Disease (Ranawaya, Suchowersky)
Palliative Care and End of life issues with Parkinson Disease (Derwent, Hunka, Suchowersky)
Natural Health Products in Parkinson Disease (Sadowski, Heschuk)
Can the Art of Medicine use Arts as Medicine? A Personal Perspective (Pinckney)
The Costs of Parkinson Disease (Ohinmaa)
A Literature Summary on Parkinson Disease (Corabian, Dennett)
Highlights of Current Research in Parkinson Disease (Martin, Hu)

The Incidence and Prevalence of Parkinson Disease in Alberta (Svenson, Yiannakoulias)

Knowledge, Service Access, and Needs of Individuals Living with Parkinson Disease: The Alberta Case (Kovacs Burns)
Caregivers of Persons with Parkinson Disease: Experiences and Perspectives (Kovacs Burns)
Health-related Quality of Life in Parkinson Disease: An introduction to concepts and methods
(Wieler, Jones)

Measuring Health-related Quality of Life in PD: How Does It Compare to the Canadian General Population? (Jones, Pohar)
Policy Considerations for Alberta
Parkinson Disease FAQ Sheet
Glossary of Terms